New Audiobook for MacDowell’s Not Just Another War Story’

not-just-another-war-story“Not Just Another War Story,” award-winning best-seller World War II novel  by St. Pete Beach author Wayne G. MacDowell, recently launched an audiobook version to join print and Kindle versions on Amazon.

The book is a true to life account of that special time in USA history, and MacDowell is available to speak to groups interested in this topic.  With Memorial Day approaching, in his way of honoring our veterans, Wayne answered these questions on his novel. 

What inspired you to write this book?  

“As a member of the 305th Bomb Group Memorial Association, I outlined a storyline that had to be historically accurate. Nine years of research and writing was needed to ‘get it right!’ B-17 Flying Fortress serial numbers and bombing missions had to be authentic and the same was true when on leave in war torn London.”

Are the characters based on real people? 

“The characters are based on composites of those who battled at 25,000 feet. Those who were shot down were either killed, captured by the Germans or through the help of the Underground’, try to remain free. Two ‘Underground’ men in the book, Horst, a huge rugged Dutchman and Henri, a sophisticated Belgium businessman, were equally important. I worked to capture the spirit of those brave people. 

What makes this war story unique? 

“Each war story is unique to itself. ‘Not Just Another War Story’ gives the reader an inside view of the World War II air war. You can almost hear the roar of B-17 Flying Fortress engines while flying with Steve Carmichael and his crew as they battle in the dangerous sky over occupied Europe. But … this is not just a war story. There is the brotherly friendship within the crew and the beautiful nurse Steve meets at a USO Dance, Margaret Steele. A meaningful love story develops with ‘Maggie’!

What would you like your readers and individuals in the military to know about those who fought in World War II? 

“Many will learn from ‘Not Just Another War Story’ what their father or grandfather went through as they fought against terrible odds. To me, all who have or are serving are heroes. As we commemorate Memorial Day, let us never forget the young men who never had the chance to live a full life. In addition to Arlington Cemetery in Washington, D.C., there are 15 overseas WW II cemeteries with 86,728 Known, 6514 Unknown, plus Memorial Walls within them with 55,859 names who are still missing in action. The average age, 22 years old.    

Have you authored other novels?

“Yes. ‘Not Just Another Love Story’, is about college students and a summer job as a forest ranger. It is a delightful love story that also includes the final football season of the main character, Kirk Daniels. It also recently  became an Amazon Kindle edition Wayne’s website,, has information on both books, plus a YouTube video

Story by Steve Traiman

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