Statewide Lionfish Challenge


– Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day (May 14, 2016) through Sept. 30

How to Qualify

– Harvest 50 or more lionfish
– First 50 can be submitted by PHOTO/EMAIL or at an FWC approved Checkpoint
– 50 and above must be submitted to a Checkpoint ONLY

Email Submissions (ONLY for first 50 lionfish)

– Send photo of harvest to
– PHOTO: Include harvester name, date and signature in the photograph

– EMAIL: Include mailing address, phone number, number of lionfish, and county harvested from 

Checkpoint Submissions

– Place tails in a dry sandwich bag
– Label the bag with diver name, phone number and date
– Print and fill out the FWC Lionfish Challenge Check-In Form or fill out form at checkpoint
– Bring tails to your local checkpoint. They will retain bags for verification by FWC staff

Rewards – All qualified participants

– Commemorative coin (proof of membership)
– T-shirt
– Featured in the FWC Lionfish Hall of Fame on the website

Drawing Prizes – 1 entry per 50 lionfish

– Fishing licenses
– Lionfish harvesting equipment
– Fuel cards
– Dive tank refills

Resource-based Incentives – if qualified before relevant harvest opportunity starts

– Spiny lobster – one per person, per day in addition to daily bag limit during 2016 sport season only (July 27-28, 2016)

Lionfish King or Queen

Most lionfish checked in (individual only)

– Lifetime saltwater fishing license
– Photo on cover of January 2017 Saltwater Regulations publication
– Featured prominently in the FWC Lionfish Hall of Fame on the website
– Recognized at the November 2016 Commission meeting

See checkpoints at

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