Potter Precision Imports Cuts the Ribbon

German car owners know how hard it is to find a mechanic they can really trust with their automotive investment. Seeing the growth at Potter’s Precision Imports in just two years is as rewarding for us at Paradise NEWS as it has been for the Potters and their team. Everyone there freely admits that the stories and ads we have run for this fast growing concern are primarily responsible for the company’s meteoric rise. In my opinion Paradise NEWS is just the spark that’ started the fire. It is the passion, the management, cleanliness and professionalism shown by the entire crew that starts word of mouth, builds customer loyalty and keeps people coming back. Tom Potter planned his ribbon cutting on a Thursday evening complete with German food and German beer to go along with his German car repair mission. I did not see any mayors there, just a few ambassadors of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce providing the ribbon and the scissors. There was, however, a huge crowd of happy German car owners, celebrating Potter’s success. Tom says “they are not clients or customers, they are friends, and it is a pleasure to keep them and their families safe, and save them money at the same time. ”That says a huge amount about a car repair shop. Does your mechanic keep the floor of his shop clean enough to eat off of? If your German car needs a new doctor, give Potter’s Precision Imports a call at (727) 914-8968. Tell them Paradise NEWS sent you.

Photo ID L to R: Steve Johnson, Shawn Lahmeyer, Chris Steinocher (St. Petersburg Chamber),Tom Potter, Richard Webb & Michael Augustyn

Article by Peter A. Roos

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