Statewide Lionfish Challenge


– Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day (May 14, 2016) through Sept. 30

How to Qualify

– Harvest 50 or more lionfish
– First 50 can be submitted by PHOTO/EMAIL or at an FWC approved Checkpoint
– 50 and above must be submitted to a Checkpoint ONLY

Email Submissions (ONLY for first 50 lionfish)

– Send photo of harvest to
– PHOTO: Include harvester name, date and signature in the photograph

– EMAIL: Include mailing address, phone number, number of lionfish, and county harvested from 

Checkpoint Submissions

– Place tails in a dry sandwich bag
– Label the bag with diver name, phone number and date
– Print and fill out the FWC Lionfish Challenge Check-In Form or fill out form at checkpoint
– Bring tails to your local checkpoint. They will retain bags for verification by FWC staff

Rewards – All qualified participants

– Commemorative coin (proof of membership)
– T-shirt
– Featured in the FWC Lionfish Hall of Fame on the website

Drawing Prizes – 1 entry per 50 lionfish

– Fishing licenses
– Lionfish harvesting equipment
– Fuel cards
– Dive tank refills

Resource-based Incentives – if qualified before relevant harvest opportunity starts

– Spiny lobster – one per person, per day in addition to daily bag limit during 2016 sport season only (July 27-28, 2016)

Lionfish King or Queen

Most lionfish checked in (individual only)

– Lifetime saltwater fishing license
– Photo on cover of January 2017 Saltwater Regulations publication
– Featured prominently in the FWC Lionfish Hall of Fame on the website
– Recognized at the November 2016 Commission meeting

See checkpoints at

Tidbits May 2016

Madeira Beach Tidbits

king-of-the-beach-bannerRichard Fabrizi and his crew, Team Wise Guys won the 23rd Annual Spring King of the Beach with a record-breaking 63 lb. king fish. There were 608 teams that entered the event and 243 fish were brought back to the scales to see who would be crowned King and win $50,000. Richard Fabrizi and his crew, Team Wise Guys, were 2nd in line to weigh-in.  They held the lead all night with a tournament record-breaking 62.95 lb. Kingfish.  His team also took the top Total Weight and their total winnings are $79, 908 … or $1,269.39 a pound for the winning fish! 

St. Pete Beach Tidbits

St. Pete Beach City Commission voted in April to withdraw their CRA application and address some of the county’s issues before reapplying in October. Admittedly, Mayor Lowe was asking for a lot, including funding for the city’s new library, but county commissioners objected to the very idea of a CRA on a ‘flood prone’ barrier island, and suggested Mayor Lowe solve her city’s problems by raising fees and taxes, (which they feel are too low compared to millage rates paid in other parts of the county) amongst other recommendations. 

The County has already approved using CRA funds for flood prone areas of Gulfport and for the St. Petersburg Pier. How about the needy older beach communities, the proverbial goose that continues to lay golden eggs in spite of the condition of its nest? The county does not seem to understand that the taxes paid based on the beach’s land values and insurance costs in the high risk zones already makes living here almost cost prohibitive. Think of the families who bought their homes 20-30 years ago and retirees who have been here even longer. Some of our beach communities are old and tired. Many of the structures built at grade will have to be raised and rebuilt to FEMA minimum flood elevation specs in coming years. That is what the county wants to have happen, so to encourage newcomer prospects to see the area as alive and progressive, it seems to make sense for the county to share incremental tax revenue for infrastructure improvements that will improve the tourism experience as well as life on the islands. Examples are a sewer system that works and keeps rainwater out, wider sidewalks, safer bike lanes and elimination of overhead wires. 

The residents have sacrificed for ten years to defend the city’s right to have its major resorts redevelop their older structures a bit taller in recognition of increased land values. The taxpayers were charged $2 million for legal fees, fighting for a comprehensive plan that included a CRA. They expected the CRA would help them replace some of the funds the city used on lawyers instead of infrastructure. The residents will also be the ones who are most inconvenienced with the noise and congestion during construction of new hotels and their parking structures. 


TradeWinds Island Resorts, the Official Beach Resort of the Tampa Bay Rays, are inviting baseball fans to head out to the Guy Harvey Outpost in St. Pete Beach for fun-filled, family-friendly  ‘away’ game watching parties. Beginning at noon, $10 parking will be available at the Guy Harvey Outpost.


June 5 – 2:10 pm – vs. Minnesota Twins
July 10 – 1:35 pm – vs. Boston Red Sox
August 14 – 1:05 pm – vs. New York Yankees
September 9 – 7:05 pm – vs. New York Yankees
October 2 – 3:05 pm – vs. Texas Rangers

For info, special room rates & discounts visit or call (727) 367-6461.

St. Petersburg Tidbits

stpete-logoOn May 3, 2016, Sketch and Sip opened its doors at 1010 Central in the EDGE District. Offering step-by-step instructional painting classes, Sketch and Sip has been in business near Brandon for 7 years. Owner Patty Sisco says.  “Our mission is to spread art throughout the community, so we are excited to join an already vibrant art community and contribute to the district and area, as a whole.” Sketch and Sip’s Brandon area studio accommodates 40 people per class and frequently sells out. Its new space in the EDGE will fit twice that number of guests. With Pinots Palette at 1572 Central Ave., Painting with a Twist at 2527 Central Ave., and Grand Central Stained Glass, 2401 Central Ave., there are quite a few after work art classes being offered just west of downtown.

The Coliseum ballroom opens its oak dance floor for everything from ballroom dancing to corporate functions. Built in 1924 & purchased by the city in 1989, the historic Coliseum has undergone extensive renovations, making it one of the Tampa Bay area’s most unique multi-use  facilities. The Coliseum is located in downtown St. Petersburg in the local historic district. Over 800 parking spaces are within convenient  walking distance. The architecture and ambiance the Coliseum provides makes the facility flexible and an exciting place to host your next event. Groups up to 1,800 can ;be accommodated. 2016 Holiday Parties are booking now! Visit the Coliseum online or call the booking office at 727-892-5202.

The Thrillist recently acclaimed St. Petersburg as one of the Best US Cities to Spend a Weekend. The group examined 300+ American cities, with populations over 90,000, in terms of food, culture, museums, outdoor activities, transportation, and many other indicators, to develop a list of the top 25 must-visit destinations. “St. Petersburg is quickly becoming the East Coast’s answer to San Diego: a place once known for its impeccable beaches that’s now the cool, smaller city with great beer, innovative food, and far fewer people to share it with than its larger neighbors,” writes Matt Meltzer.  Other major cities on the list include New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Residents of the Skyway Marina District will soon be enjoying a brand new Publix. The existing store in Baypointe Plaza, 5295 34th St. South, is being replaced. A new 55,000 SF model, one of the grocer’s largest, will include a pharmacy and is expected to open by the end of the year. Meanwhile the Publix store around the corner on 54th Ave. S. at 31st St. is extra busy.

The city is rolling out 10 new South St. Petersburg Community Redevelop- ment Area (CRA) TIF Programs that will fund investment in the South St. Petersburg CRA. The TIF programs, which City Council approved in Feb., are direct incentives to the community and will be launched in May upon receipt of Pinellas Co.’s TIF contribution.

Starting this month, All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine becomes Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The name change reflects the hospital’s focus on research and innovation, while highlighting its affiliation with the internationally renowned Johns Hopkins Health System.  In 2011, All Children’s became the first U.S. hospital outside of Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region to join Johns Hopkins Medicine. Five years later, the hospital started a new medical residency program, increased operating revenue and began construction of an $85 million research and education facility.

Inside Sales Solutions relocated from New York City to establish their national headquarters in the Innovation District of St. Petersburg. The company, which provides technology firms with personalized sales consulting, training, recruitment and lead generation services, works with well-established brands such as HP and IBM, as well as next generation business-to-business technology companies. Inside Sales Solutions considered Austin, Atlanta, and Kansas City before deciding that St. Petersburg would ultimately be the best fit.Snee, principal at Inside Sales Solutions said “Pinellas is a thriving coastal community with the energetic workforce we hope to attract. Being a stone’s throw from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg will be a boom to our recruiting efforts.”

The offices of Clear Labs, known simply as The Lab, are located in an 1,800 SF historic loft space in the Grand Central District at 2529 Central Ave. Clear Labs, is a hybrid co-working space and advertising agency.

Treasure Island Tidbits

Across from Treasure Island City Hall at 127 108th Ave., there is a new healthy juice bar called Organic Gardens offering coffees, teas, and healthy shots. Jason Jansson says his new place is a not-for-profit 501C3 offering Herbal Teas, herbal pain relief, garden supplies, healthy snacks and natural remedies, with all profits going to homeless veterans of Pinellas County.


One block south there is a new management team at what used to be known as the Treasure Island Tap House and a few other names over the past few years. The new name is “Captain Bill’s Beach Kitchen” and the elderly gentleman we’ve seen hanging around bares a strong resemblance to “Crabby” Bill, John Louder & Debi Faust (whose family owns the Undertow) have teamed up in an effort to make the place due south of the clock tower a culinary and financial success for the first time in years. Next door, ReMax Metro Real Estate had a good year. Agents like Shawn Byrne and Jimmy Brylinke, (pictured  below with broker Lou Gotto), who won a ReMax Chairman’s Award for doubling their team’s sales volume between 2014 and 2015, contributed to the firm’s success.

Treasure Islettes Tidbits

treasure-islettes-1Treasure Islettes elected a New Board for 2016-2017 and the new Board includes Ms. Mary Cox, President; Ms. Shesta Kirkland, Vice president; Ms. Toni Hawkings, Treasurer; and Ms. Suzanne Schiltz, Secretary. Mayor Bob Minning of Treasure Island installed the newly elected Treasure Islettes Board on April 25, 2016. The evening was also held in appreciation of all Islettes members who have worked countless hours during the past year to help the community. (Picture at right (left to right): Toni Hawkins, Suzanne Schiltz, Mary Cox and Shesta Kirkland)

The Treasure Islettes, the women’s club of Treasure Island, presented the city with a check for $5,000.00, to be used for the planting of colorful annuals around major points in the city. President Mary Cox; Beautification Chairman Millie Fant and Treasurer Toni Hawkins made the presentation to Mayor Bob Minning on May 5 th at the City Hall. At the same time, Millie Fant announced another major beautification project by the Islettes namely the installation of tiny white lights along the Causeway, from Gulf Boulevard to the west bridge. The money was raised through several projects which included a yearly spring fashion show, in cooperation with Macy’s, and a fall luncheon and bazaar.

treasure-islettes-2Community service is the cornerstone of the Islettes with the vision of making Treasure Island a safe, lovely town that both residents and visitors will enjoy. Founded in 1955, the Islette’s fundraising efforts and hours of volunteer service over the years have supported the city not only in beautification but in all areas, including buying much needed equipment for the Fire and Police Departments. In addition, the Islettes’ award scholarships, support numerous charitable organizations, and adopt deserving families during the holiday season. Working together, the 130 members have built lasting friendships while helping others. They are proud of their “small town” sense of community where neighbors know neighbors and take an active part in enhancing the city. (Pictured at left (L to R): Millie Fant, Toni Hawkins, Mary Cox and Mayor Bob Minning)

The Treasure Islettes meet on the fourth Monday evening of each month from September to May at the Treasure Island Community Center. The club is open to women who have an interest in the betterment of Treasure Island. More information about membership can be obtained by calling Vice President Shesta Kirkland at 727-350-5682.

Treasure Islettes hosts weekly Bingos on Thursday nights. Early bird games begin at 6:45 pm and regular games at 7:45 pm. Great snack bar, free coffee and cash prizes. The games are held at the Treasure Island Community Center Park/Gulf Boulevard at 106 th Avenue (behind Walgreens). For more information about the Bingo games please contact, Linda Hepp at 727-270- 3178.

The Treasure Islettes was founded in 1955 to support community through volunteer service, beautification projects, scholarships and donations to the City and Fire Department. The Treasure Islettes meet on the fourth Monday evening of each month from September to May at the Treasure Island Community Center. The club is open to women who have an interest in the betterment of Treasure Island. More information about membership can be obtained by calling Vice President Shesta Kirkland at 727-350- 5682 or email:

Trust in Pinellas County Ranks Above National Average

Nine out of 10 residents in Pinellas County say they have trust and confidence in their local government, a number which far surpasses the national average for government trust.

These and other results from the Pinellas County 2016 Citizen Survey were shared with citizens Tuesday night at the Board’s Community Conversation, an event held at least once a year as part of the county’s proactive efforts to engage with citizens beyond regular meetings.

This year, the county again partnered with St. Petersburg College – Seminole Campus to deliver a two-hour program that included networking, a presentation on the citizen survey and the county’s strategic plan, as well as a citizen questions and answers session. More than 80 citizens attended in person and nearly 350 participated via the county’s blog and social media networks.

Several thousand citizens participated in the telephone portion of the Community Conversation. During this 90-minute period, the conference call peaked with over 1,400 citizens on the call at one time.

The statistically-valid survey, which has been conducted annually for the past five years, reflected a 91 percent approval rating by local citizens toward Pinellas County. The number is the highest recorded since the county officially began its citizen surveys in 2012.

The trust and confidence rates in Pinellas County outperformed the national average. According to a Gallup Poll, the national rate is 70 percent for local governments, a continuation of a downward trend, in contrast to the upward trend in Pinellas County.


“The fact that nine out of every 10 residents has confidence in Pinellas County government speaks volumes about the things we are doing to serve the community,” said Pinellas County Administrator Mark S. Woodard. “It sends a clear vote of confidence in the Board and their vision, which is to be the standard for public service in America.”

Survey results also showed that a vast majority of residents are pleased with Pinellas County:

– 94 percent would recommend the county as a place to live.
– 89 percent would recommend the county as a place to work.
– 91 percent would recommend the county as a place to raise children.
– 94 percent would recommend the county as a place to retire.

“All of us that call Pinellas County home, whether we live in an unincorporated area of the county or in one of the 24 municipalities, have a great love for our community,” said Commission Chairman Charlie Justice. “We have worked hard throughout the county and with all of our partners to develop a Strategic Plan to address the common goals of our community. I believe we are seeing the results of our efforts.”
Residents were also asked what they thought about certain aspects of their community, such as parks, public transit and support services for the homeless. They reported that their experiences are closer than ever to their expectations.
“People are telling us they are more satisfied with their county than ever before,” said Woodard. “This is a powerful message and is a wonderful affirmation that with partners, we can do more.”

To view the 2016 Citizens Survey, visit To watch a recording of the Community Conversation, visit

The Pinellas County “Doing Things for You” app is available for residents to report issues and access useful resources. Pinellas County can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. More information is available on the county website,, which features LiveChat for assistance. Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

St. Pete Beach Mayor Maria Lowe Resigns

“As Memorial Day approaches, I am honored to announce that my husband has been selected as the Deputy Director of Cemetery Operations for the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) which tends the graves of our fallen soldiers worldwide.

I am immensely proud that our family will be a part this remarkably patriotic responsibility. The cemeteries like Normandy are a striking, somber reminder of the sacrifices made in order to uphold the freedoms of our country and preserve the freedoms of our allies. Some gave all…and we must never forget that freedom is not free.


ABMC is headquartered in Paris, France where we will move by the end of the year. However, we will maintain our home in St Pete Beach and return often to be with our beloved friends and community. When our time of service is done, we’ll return home.

I will continue to serve as Mayor for the remainder of the year. I look forward to working with the candidates that will seek your vote to be your next Mayor so that there will be a quality transition and exchange of knowledge. Being a Commissioner is a remarkable experience and I hope more people will raise their hand to help guide and protect our piece of paradise.

Thank you for the opportunity that you have given to me to be a part of this community in such a rewarding way.” – Mayor Maria Lowe

Words by Maria Lowe
Picture is of Maria on her first day. Photo by Bill Horne. 

Sea Turtle Nesting Season Reminders from the City of Indian Rocks Beach

Marine turtle nesting and hatching occurs each year from May 1st through October 31st. Female turtles come ashore in the dark, dig a hole using their flippers and lay 100 to 150 eggs at a time. During the course of a season, a single female lays three to eight nests. After a 45 to 70 day  gestation period, hatchlings emerge from the nest at night and follow the moonlight reflecting off the Gulf.


These turtles return to the beaches where they were born, sometimes decades before.


Turn out unnecessary beach lights to help prevent disorientation of female sea turtles and hatchlings. Close your curtains and be mindful of bright lights shining on the beach.


Sea turtles can become disoriented from lights and illuminated objects visible from the beach. Most importantly, bright lights disorient hatchlings by attracting them inland where they often die of dehydration, predation, or are run over by motor vehicles. It is very important that occupants and managers of beachfront properties minimize the use lights that shine directly on the beach. Information about turtle friendly beach lighting can be found on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website (Sea Turtle Lighting Guidelines).


Knock down sand castles and fill in sand pits. This helps to eliminate the challenges the baby hatchlings must cross over on their way to the shoreline. Sand pits can be like the Grand Canyon and sand castles like Mount Everest to tiny baby sea turtles.


Picking up trash eliminates items that both hatchlings and adults may become entangled in. Something as small as a bottle top or as large as unwanted beach furniture can pose potential problems, leading to both false crawl and disorientation.

DURING TURTLE NESTING SEASON (May 1 through October 31)

Daily early morning surveys for nests are performed during nesting season between May and November each year. Pinellas County contracts with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to monitor sea turtle nesting along all the nourished beaches. (St. Pete Beach turtle monitoring is done separately by the Sea Turtle Trackers. For more SPB information please contact Joe Widlansky 727.744.6524 or visit When nourishment projects are constructed, the aquarium staff relocates turtle nests within construction zones to areas outside of the construction zones, thus protecting the eggs from damage.

For further information, access either of the following websites:

Pinellas County (

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (

(Sea turtle nesting information excerpted by the City of Indian Rocks Beach form the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Pinellas County websites.)

New Fitness Zone at Lealman Park

The newest Fitness Zone opened today (May 24, 2016) at Lealman Neighborhood Park, 3890 55th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. Elected officials and other dignitaries joined community representatives for the dedication.

Fitness Zones are outdoor recreation areas with people-powered equipment that anyone can use at no cost. They’re located in parks from Tarpon Springs to south St. Petersburg and are open during park hours. Two Fitness Zones have wheelchair-accessible exercise equipment.


The Lealman Fitness Zone is the 14th one in Pinellas; the 15th will open at Largo’s Datsko Park this summer. They are funded by DOH-Pinellas’ Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) grant, which is administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide more opportunities for physical fitness and healthy nutrition in communities around the nation.

The Florida Department of Health also has a Healthiest Weight Florida initiative, a public-private collaboration bringing together state agencies, not-for-profit organizations, businesses and entire communities to help Florida’s children and adults make choices about healthy eating and active living.

For a printable listing of all the Fitness Zones and the locations of recreation centers in Pinellas cities and towns, go to

For information about DOH-Pinellas, go to or call (727) 824-6900. 

Information courtesy of the Florida Department of Health. Photos courtesy of Pinellas County.

MFA St. Pete presents First Solo Museum Exhibitions in the US of Shana Moulton’s Imaginative Videos and Scuplture

Shana Moulton explores our obsession with self-help fads and wellness therapies, as well as consumer culture as a whole. She primarily uses video, with her alter ego Cynthia, who never speaks, as the protagonist.

The MFA is featuring all nine installments of her Whispering Pines series, as well as other videos, sculpture, and an opera/performance piece. Though Ms. Moulton has received many solo exhibitions in galleries and has been selected for a wealth of group shows, this is her first solo museum project in the United States.

Shana Moulton: Journeys Out of the Body opens Saturday, June 18, and continues through Sunday, October 9, in the Hazel Hough Wing. This is one of the most inventive exhibitions ever presented/staged at the MFA. The Tampa Bay Times is the Media Sponsor.

Inspired primarily by soap operas, Whispering Pines will unfold, appropriately, on television sets. A life-size anatomical theater in the central gallery of the Hazel Hough Wing will display the 2008 video Repetitive Stress Injuries. Ms. Moulton has also created a site-specific video for this exhibition and is premiering another, All Angles are Angels.

On Thursday, October 6, at 7 p.m., Whispering Pines 10, a one-act live-performance video opera, will be presented in the Marly Room. Backed by Nick Hallett’s libretto and score, Ms. Moulton will bring Cynthia to life in a contemporary take on the “mad scene.” Daisy Press will be the vocalist. The opera is free with Museum admission, which is only $5 after 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Whispering Pines, her best known video series, takes its name from the California mobile home park, chiefly comprised of seniors, where she grew up. With very few children around, she turned to her elderly neighbors for companionship and was fascinated with the knickknacks lining their shelves. Her videos are full of such objects, carefully arranged for the camera, which she views as part of the cast. She also explored the large woods next door, which fuels Cynthia’s fantasies and dreams.

Television was another major influence. A soap opera fan, she was also drawn to the cult classic, Twin Peaks, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch of Blue Velvet fame. Only on the air for two seasons, Twin Peaks uncovered the darker side of small-town life and had supernatural elements and quirky humor. The artist notes that the serial format of Whispering Pines and its production quality are inspired by both soap operas and home movies.

Cynthia can be funny, as she deals with her hypochondria and follows yet another fad. At the same time, her anxiety is ever present. Her costumes embedded with medical devices, especially a dress with a hemorrhoid pillow, are over-the- top. That dress is part of the exhibition.


Born in 1976, Ms. Moulton earned her BA in art and anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She has been an artist-in- residence at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Minnesota, Harvestworks in New York, De Ateliers in Amsterdam, and The Sommerakademie in Berne. 

Ms. Moulton has shown her work and performed around the world, including in China, and her videos have been selected for leading experimental film festivals. Curator of Contemporary Art Katherine Pill invited Ms. Moulton to bring her fantastic and fantastical work to the MFA.


For the latest updates on public programs, please visit

Wednesday, June 8, Coffee Talk with Nan Colton, the MFA’s performing artist-in- residence Enjoy refreshments at 10 a.m., Nan Colton’s performance at 10:30, and a general docent tour at 11:15. FREE with MFA admission. Sponsored by Westminster Communities of St. Petersburg. 

Before filmmakers, there were photographers. Just as Shana Moulton is charting new ground in video and performance art, Julia Margaret Cameron pushed photography forward in nineteenth-century Britain. Women artists faced enormous challenges in that era to be recognized. Nan Colton’s profile of Cameron—In Focus—looks at her struggles, approach, and accomplishments against the odds.

Thursday, June 9, 6:30 p.m.: Book Club at the MFA, presented by Keep St. Pete Lit. FREE with MFA Admission. The quirky agoraphobic architect Bernadette Fox in Maria Semple’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette: A Novel will prepare you to meet Cynthia, artist Shana Moulton’s alter ego. Join the conversation about the book and the artist.

Sunday, June 19, 3 p.m.: The Wayne W and Francis Knight Parrish Lecture by artist Shana Moulton on the opening weekend of the exhibition. FREE with MFA admission. 

Anyone who has watched Shana Moulton describe her work online knows that she is accessible, relatable, and refreshingly honest. She will discuss her Whispering Pines video series, her performance pieces and operas, and her sculpture and installations. In our age of multimedia, Ms. Moulton has staked out her own territory in the art world and is gaining ever more critical attention.

Ms. Moulton has shown her work or performed at the Museum of Modern Art, The New Museum, and The Kitchen in New York; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh; the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the Tate Modern in London; and major universities across the country.

The Parrish Lecture brings outstanding scholars and artists to the community. Mr. Parrish was a successful publisher of aviation magazines, and Mrs. Parrish was Director of the U.S. Passport Office from 1955-1977. The Parrishes donated many of the Museum’s pre-Columbian objects, which are displayed in a gallery named in their honor.

Thursday, October 6, 7 p.m.: Shana Moulton’s opera Whispering Pines 10. FREE with MFA admission, which is only $5 after 5 p.m. on Thursday, cash bar and lite bites.

This phantasmagoric opera/performance piece features video by Shana Moulton, along with her live performance and vocals by Daisy Press. Ms. Moulton on stage interacts and at times merges with the video. It is often difficult to discern where one leaves off and the other begins. Do we now spend more time in virtual reality and is it more powerful than the supposed real thing?

The work follows the efforts of her protagonist Cynthia to find meaning as an environmental activist, though she finds it impossible to leave the confines of her home. John Motley noted in his review for The Oregonian that “Moulton’s treatment of life’s most vexing questions is kitschy, trippy, and, at times, laugh-out- loud funny, but it is also genuinely heartbreaking. Moulton reminds us that…our longing for spiritual communion is still kicking.”


The MFA at 255 Beach Drive N.E. has a world-class collection, with works by Monet, Gauguin, Renoir, Morisot, Cézanne, Rodin, O’Keeffe, Willem de Kooning, and many other great artists. Also displayed are ancient Greek and Roman, Egyptian, Asian, African, pre-Columbian, and Native American art. The photography collection is one of the largest and finest in the Southeast.

Hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, until 8 p.m. on Thursday, and noon-5 p.m. Sunday. Admission is only $5 after 5 p.m. on Thursday. Regular admission is $17 for adults, $15 for those 65 and older, and $10 for students seven and older, including college students with current I.D. Children under seven and Museum members are admitted free. Groups of 10 or more adults pay only $12 per person and children $4 each with prior reservations. The MFA Café is open from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. For more information, please call 727.896.2667 or visit

Gulf Beaches Rotary Club Receives Keys to the City of Madeira Beach

Congratulations to the Gulf Beaches Rotary Club who received the Key to the City of Madeira Beach earlier this May. The key was presented by Pat Shontz, City of Maderia Beach commissioner to John Meagher and Sam Fallenbaum all Gulf Beaches Rotarians, for the Gulf Beaches Rotary Club’s commitment to the community and its children. This year the Gulf Beaches Rotary held its 6th annual Spring Carnival at the new Madeira Beach recreation center ball field  and Roc Park. Find out more about what the Gulf Beaches Rotary Club is doing in the commuity at


Art & Theater Tidbits May 2016

Is there enough time in the day? I want to see Chris Isaak at the Capital Theater May 1 after a day in Coachman Park for country fest. If I can unlock my computer leash,  I’m not going to miss Spamalot alfresco in Demens Landing with a picnic and friends (before May 8th) and Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play runs through May 22 at Freefall Theater. 

Hungry? Clearwater Beach’s much anticipated Restaurant Week kicks of May 9th. Need a road trip? Try the Ringling Estate in Sarasota from 9 am – 4 pm. 

I’ve always wanted to see the Museum of Art, the majestic Banyan trees, the Dwarf Garden, and cooling breezes that blow along the Bayfront Promenade and Millennium Tree Trail, the Circus Museum and tour the home of the circus king and his wife, Ca’ d’Zan , a monument to the Roaring Twenties. (941) 359-5700


St. Petersburg Second Saturday Artwalk  (5-9 p.m.)  Five arts districts, one fun day: Ride the Trolley and enjoy 40 galleries, studios, warehouses and yummy brews and chews along the way downtown.   

Shipwreck: Treasures of the Deep (thru May 31)St. Petersburg Museum of History 727-894-1052

Museum of Fine Arts: Classical Guitars, Photography Exhibits – Museum of Fine Arts, 255 Beach Dr. NE 727-896-2667 

– The Art of the Classical Guitar (thru May 19)
– Harold “Doc” Edgerton: What the Eye Can’t See (May 7-July 31)
– May 8: Gallery Talk with exhibit curator Robin O’Dell 3 pm.

Showcasing some of the Museum’s most compelling photographs by Harold “Doc” Edgerton (American, 1903–1990). Many are now recognized as his most important. They range from rarely seen gelatin silver prints from as early as 1932 to his colorful dye transfer photographs. The high-speed stroboscopic short film about Edgerton, Quicker’n a Wink, which won an Oscar in 1940, will also play in the gallery. Known affectionately as “Papa Flash,” Edgerton used photography to extend the capabilities of the human eye and in the process created some of the most memorable photographs ever made. 

In 1931, he designed a high-speed stroboscope and began experimenting with strobe-flash technology. That device allowed him to overcome the restrictions of a normal camera’s fastest shutter-speed and to capture phenomena previously invisible to the naked eye.  He worked with his friend, famous marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, who nicknamed him “Doc.” 


• May 7, June 25: “The Child of Always by April Hartley and “Paintings from LAlaLand” by Eve Avenue. 

• May 14 -June 11: Echo Nevada by Anna Brennan, a staged fundraiser to support ArtsFusion.

• May 20: Deadline to apply for Members Only Show July 9. Current members of The Studio@620 may submit one piece of artwork for exhibition in our annual Members Only Art Show. Artists who are not members may join at time of application in order to participate in the exhibition. Artwork will be displayed during the annual Studio@620 Birthday Celebration on Saturday June 18, 2016 and will have a public reception during the Second Saturday ArtWalk on July 9, 2016. 

620 First Ave. S, Downtown St. Pete 727-895-6620


may-movies-in-the-park-posterMay 5, 12, 19, 26: FREE Movies in North Straub Park

This weekly series features musical talents from Florida who entertain before a classic movie screening. Bring a picnic and enjoy the water view. Films start at dark. Donations benefit the St. Pete Preservation Society. Fifth Ave. Northeast & Bayshore Dr., Downtown St. Pete 727-463-4612

St. Pete Shuffleboard Club, 559 Mirror Lake Dr. N

May 7: CatCon Dog Fest 9 am – 5 pm

Calling all pet enthusiasts! Spend the day at one of St. Petersburg’s iconic landmarks for a day of animal-themed fun, from speakers and K9 dogs to artists, vendors and food trucks.

May 21: World Cultural Diversity Day 10 am – 3 pm

Enjoy ethnic food and entertainment.

May 12:  FREE Skyway Marina-Movie Night 

Skyway Marina Movie Night features The Princess Bride, the beloved classic fairy tale, with swordplay, giants, an evil prince, a beautiful princess and comedy galore. Nibble at food trucks 6:30 pm, the movie starts at 8 pm. For free tix, go to For info, call 727-866-2696.St.Petersburg City Theatre – 4025 31st St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

May 12: Poetry at the Dali 

6 pm-7:30 pm, Hosted by Helen Pruitt Wallace, St. Petersburg’s Poet Laureate, this features Walllace and selected poets presenting poems on the theme of memory and desire, followed by an audience Q&A. 

May 13: Stirling Art Studios Fundraiser 

5:30 – 8 pm, The sixth annual Art to the Rescue fundraiser exhibit benefits the Dunedin Doggie Rescue. The theme of the exhibit is “Bless the Beasts and Children.” Enjoy the open house reception with raffle items and awards ceremony. 730 Broadway, Dunedin; 727-366-6477

May 17:  SciCafe at the Dali 

6 pm-7:30 pm, “Swinging Ain’t Just for Monkeys- Monogamy and Polygamy in the Animal Kingdom”is an informal discussion series for adults created by Secrets of the Sea Marine Exploration Center and Aquarium (formerly The Pier Aquarium) to raise awareness and satisfy peoples’ curiosity about things scientific.

May 20: Mornings with the Maestro 

11 am, Enjoy a presentation “First Entrance and Final Exit: Where Did I Go Wrong,” sponsored by the  Museum of Fine Arts, 255 Beach Dr. NE   

May 26 The Cinder Woman 

@ The Travel Channel 6 pm. The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum will present a local St. Pete mystery on Mary Reeser who died when she allegedly spontaneously combusted and will feature the St. Pete Museum of History where her file is stored. St. Petersburg Museum Of History, 727-894-1052

June 3, 5, 7:  St. Petersburg Opera: Giacomo 

Puccini LA BOHEME  The Palladium, 253 Fifth Ave. N, St. Petersburg  727-823-2040

Sept. 24: Central Avenue Solstice

Enjoy this popular event as part of the St. Petersburg Festival, SPF16. Festivities begin on the east end at 7:20 am with Sunrise Yoga at South Straub Park, and finish on the west end with St. Petersburg Preservation´s Movies in the Park at Sunset Park on Boca Ciega Bay. Enjoy a Follow the Sun Walk, a Bay to Gulf Bike Ride, Sunny Side Up Breakfast specials, full schedule of live performances at each of the event´s five Main Stages, and a host of Illuminating Art Demonstrations along the route. All outdoor activities are free, as are trolley rides throughout the day.  St. Petersburg Arts Alliance  100 Second Ave N, Ste 150 St. Downtown St. Pete


Calling All Gecko Artists (May 16 deadline) Want your gecko design at the Gulfport’s 8th Annual Gecko Ball: Submit your materials! For more information, 727-608-0070 or email  Submissions may be sent via email or snail mail: 2624 54th Street South, Gulfport FL, 33707. 

Morean Arts Center Call for Submissions (July 9-August 13 exhibit) The “98th Annual Members Show” is this summer, and it’s time to submit your entry by June 15, with artwork delivered by June 27. Morean Arts Center, 719 Central Ave.  727-822-7872

SPF16 Call for Art/Artist Programming & Events

SPF16 needs you. Presented by the Suncoasters of St. Petersburg, produced by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance with support from the City of St. Petersburg Office of Cultural Affairs, SPF16 will again kick off with the Shine Mural Festival, followed by weekly spotlights on all the arts, including fine arts, performing arts, and a family arts festival. SPF16  will conclude with the grand opening of the Chihuly Exhibit at its new location.  They are asking arts and cultural organizations that are producing programs in September to contact The general overview of the schedule is to feature three long weekends that will spotlight arts disciplines.  

– Week ending Sept. 11: SHINE Mural Festival, Fine Arts, ArtWalk, Craft Arts
– Week ending Sept. 18: Performing Arts (dance, theatre,  music performances in traditional and nontraditional places)
– Week ending Sept. 24 : Family Arts Festival (Arts Alive, TBBCA Chalk Walk, Central Ave Solstice Festival


New Cast @ Creative Clay

Adieu and fare thee well to Creative Clay Director of Community Arts Charlie Bari Bachmann who will be relocating to Iowa. Emily Turnage, a teaching artist at Creative Clay and local musician will step into the role.

The Voice @ St. Petersburg Opera Guild’s

Meet the winners of St. Petersburg Opera Guild’s  36th Annual College and Young Professional  Opera Competition, co-sponsored by St. Petersburg Opera Co.  First Place:   Richard Coleman, baritone, 24, – Tallahassee; Second Place: Betsy Diaz, soprano, 27 – Miami,  and Third Place:  Lauren Feider, soprano, 23 – Tallahassee.   Honorable Mentions were Feryal Qudouran – Orlando and Holly Curtis – Tallahassee. 

MOSI To Relocate  

MOSI is hitching its start to Vinik’s downtown redevelopment. The museum is  planning to relocate to Downtown Tampa as their board has approved the next steps , which will include gathering an expert task force, launching strategic planning, conducting community discussions, and engaging specialized staff to design and fundraise for a new world-class science center. The planning effort that is now underway is expected to take up to a year and will identify the features, exhibits, and programs offered in a new science center; an exact location and size; and the costs and funding sources involved.

Clyde Butcher’s Photography Book Debuts

Whether you’re headed to Yosemite this summer, or are an armchair traveler, get your stunning copy of local artist’s Butcher’s new National Parks book. Clyde has been called the next Ansel Adams by Popular Photography magazine, awarded as a humanitarian for acting for the betterment of his community, and recognized as a conservationist for bringing issues to the forefront of public consciousness through his art. His fine art photography transcends political boundaries, challenging us to work together to protect natural places across the country.

– Venice Gallery & Studio,  237 Warfield Ave., Venice, FL 34285 941-486-081
– Big Cypress Gallery, 52388 Tamiami Trail, Ochopee, FL 34141  239-695-2428

(Get a signed copy 15% off.  Only 500 SIGNED COPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE in this pre-publication offer.  Use coupon code Nat16 at check-out on this site

Sunken Gardens Welcomes 20 NEW Flamingos 

George and Lucy have been empty nesters in recent years at Sunken Gardens, a historic botanical attraction in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. The two flamingos were once part of 17 flamingos who made their home at the Gardens, one of Florida’s original roadside attractions. The two now anxiously await some new feathered friends.

“It has been quite the journey to get our new flamingos, and we couldn’t have done it without the commitment and enthusiasm of the community,” said Gardens Supervisor Bill O’Grady. He traveled to meet the birds prior to their journey to St. Petersburg and will monitor them closely the first few weeks in their new home.


Raising funds was only the first step in getting the precious pink birds to their new home in one of Florida’s most beautiful botanical gardens. In late 2015, the city funded a new night time enclosure to house the anticipated birds, and then in 2016, it finally received a commitment to purchase the birds from their breeder. The city underwent a rigorous adoption process, which included several required letters of recommendation and documentation of adequate living conditions. The Gardens welcomed them home with the community at a celebratory Flamingo Festival on May 1.  Located at 1825 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704. 10am–4:30pm.  727-551-3102

ART NEWS Compiled by Nanette Wiser

Clothes to Kids

clothes-to-kidsClothes To Kids is beyond proud of their dedicated volunteers and relies on the more than 125 volunteers to help achievetheir mission.  

About Clothes To Kids. Founded in 2002.  The mission of Clothes To Kids (CTK) is to provide new and quality used clothing to low-income or in crisis school-age children (PreK-4 thru 12th grade) in Pinellas County, free of charge.  Fifty-two percent of students in Pinellas County are eligible for free or reduced priced lunch, making them qualified to  “shop” Clothes To Kids.  Clothes To Kids is privately funded and relies on donations of clothing and funding from the community to sustain operations.  Since its inception, CTK has distributed more than 110,000 wardrobes to children in need.  

CTK has two stores to serve the Pinellas community, Clearwater – 1059 N. Hercules Ave.& St. Petersburg – 2168 34th St. South.  Cash donations are fully tax-deductible and can be mailed to 1059 N. Hercules Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33765 or dropped off at either store.  Donations of clothing and shoes are gladly accepted Monday through Friday, 9am to 4:30pm. More information call, Program Director, Leslie Bednarski  727-441-5050, ext 123 or