City of South Pasadena Needs Artspring Volunteers

The city is looking for volunteers to help with the 31st Annual Artspring Exhibition. Shifts are available on the following dates March 27 – April 3, 2017. Please consider donating a few hours of your time.

Artists are also needed to exhibit their artwork in the following mediums: clay, fiber, wood, metals, glass, photography, paper or paint. Sculptures may be submitted in clay, wood, metals or glass. First, Second and Third Place ribbons will be awarded in three categories (artwork, photography, and sculpture), along with the Mayor’s Award and Honorable Mention ribbons. No entry fee required.

To register or for more information, please call City Hall at 347-4171.

Boats Needed for the Cities of St. Pete Beach and South Pasadena Boat Parade

boatparade_timesThe Cities of St Pete Beach and South Pasadena are looking for boats to participate in the annual Boat Parade event. This event is held on Friday, December 2nd with boaters lining up at Blind Pass Bridge by 5:45pm. Prizes include $2500.00 for Best Overall  as well as second through fourth place prizes in two categories (all boats over 25’ and all boats under 25’).

The boat parade starts at 6:00pm at the Blind Pass Bridge and heads south to the Bayway Bridge. Start off your holiday season with some holiday cheer!  Go to for more information including the parade route and boater application.

If you are not putting a boat in but still want to enjoy the festivities you can join us for our tree lighting event in the park the same night.  This free event will be held at Horan Park, 7701 Boca Ciega Dr.  Enjoy music, hot chocolate, face painting, and a special visit from SANTA!

For more information call 727-363-9264.

South Pasadena Barrier Island Re-Entry Notice

south-pasadena-logoThe Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office issued the new Barrier Island Re-Entry Program last April. The City of South Pasadena is not a part of the Barrier Island Re-Entry Program, but please beware that reentry following an emergency may be restricted depending on the amount of damage and debris. Any valid photo ID such as a driver’s license will be sufficient to re-enter residential areas (when they are safe to re-enter). Remember, the majority of South Pasadena is a Level A evacuation zone, so you can expect to evacuate if a hurricane is heading toward the area. Please make your emergency preparations early! For a list of the barrier islands and the re-entry program visit: Turn to page three for more hurricane information.

Point of Discussion: Yellow Light Length

Yellow_LightOn May 9th 2013, Paradise News received a Letter from the Editor addressing new Red Light legislation that would limit the fine for Red Light Camera Violations across the state of Florida to just under $250. The legislation also created a new system for violators to contest the violations and received their fair hearing in court. We applaud the effort of our State’s legislative branch to address the issue of excessive fines, however, it is equally important that they address the standardization and safety of existing yellow light timing.

Local communities, including South Pasadena, have been identified by online news sources and recognized by locals as having shorter Yellow Light times than surrounding areas and safety regulations dictate. Channel 10 News found that South Pasadena had garnered $2 million in fines during 2012 with a yellow light time of 3.6 seconds, instead of the FDOT’s suggested safe 5-second interval. This shortening creates several difficulties for drivers including:

-Inconsistent expectations of stopping times
-Abrupt Braking
-Unsafe amount of time to react to a changing light (This problem is especially troubling giving the aging population of our area.)

When it comes to inconsistent stopping times, the trouble is clear. Coming out of St. Pete Beach you are going to expect certain yellow light lengths given the numerous lights you hit along Gulf Blvd. Once you hit South Pasadena, however, that length will change and if you (or the driver behind you) do not change your behavior there is going to be a problem. The City of South Pasadena has profited dramatically from their yellow light times and the addition of Red Light Cameras. As many locals know about these notoriously short yellow lights, however, they may account for the change in the yellow light time and hit those brake a little harder than the person coming up behind them was expecting. BOOM! The tourist, unaware of our unique traffic signal system, expects a longer yellow light than the local in front of them.

The other unfortunate circumstance is that the length of the yellow light simply does not give drivers ample amount of time to stop. Drivers need enough time to slowly come to a full stop before the light turns red. With an aging population, some of our local drivers, snow birds or even just your average distracted driver, it is even more important that our yellow lights accommodate safe stopping.

We must remind our local officials that as a community fines are not our main concern when it comes to driving. Traffic Safety is our priority. Drivers should not have to choose between a fine and being rear-ended. Longer, more consistent yellow lights across Pinellas County and across the state of Florida will facilitate safe driving for all.  Fines should be used to discourage unsafe driving practices not raise funds for local governments. If you would like to encourage your local or state official to redress their priorities when it comes to red light cameras, please visit our Florida Officials page here.

For more information on the Federal Highway Administration’s suggestions for Making Intersections Safer visit their website here.

Date: May 2013