Treasured Tales by Julian Fant

treasure-tales-coconut-treeHaving been born in the ancient settlement of St. Augustine in mid-1931, at the tail end of the Depression) my outlook for a normal and enjoyable youth were, at best, quite slim.

My parents were already raising three daughters and one son when I arrived. Dad was a typesetter for the local newspaper, and wages were not the best.

That fact, however, presented the opportunity, as I grew, to appreciate essential hunting and fishing trips in northeast Florida, as well as family outings to the pristine springs and rivers of the area in our old Dodge touring car. My most enjoyable two-week vacation from school, however, took place when my parents allowed me to visit with my three aunts and their families in an emerging playground on the southeast coast, known in the late 1930s as Miami-Miami Beach.

Each of my three aunts were accomplished property managers. After being placed safely on board one of Florida’s east coast trains, I was met in Miami by one or more relatives, to spend a wonderful summer at an apartment-hotel on Miami Beach….at the Pershing on Biscayne Boulevard, or at the original McFadden-Deauville on N. Miami Beach, which had the largest saltwater pool in the state.

Other unique events included visits to the Seminole Indian Village, glass-bottom boats on Biscayne Bay, watch seaplanes taking off for the Bahamas, the Serpentarium, walking to the movie theaters and playing carpet golf on the balmy night when the surrender of Japan was announced.

Those great memories still abound, many years later!

The Race to Recycle

pinellascountyThe State of Florida has an ambitious goal of recycling 75% of its solid waste by 2020. As a community of 24 towns, Pinellas County had achieved a combined recycling rate which includes a combustion credit for burning garbage to generate electricity and recover the metals for recycling, of 63% by year-end 2014, the most recent data available. This is one of the highest in the State, according to the County’s Solid Waste Technical Management Committee. 

Jan Tracy, County Solid Waste Program Coordinator, told Paradise News,  “We have reached this level through a combination of public outreach and education on waste reduction and reuse, strong household recycling, yard waste recycling, household electronics and chemical waste recycling and reuse, and combustion of solid waste to generate electricity and metals recovery.”

“In Pinellas County we view  ‘garbage’ as a resource. We don’t just provide for disposal of solid waste, we provide and promote  ‘resource management’. We operate an integrated waste management program in partnership with our 24 municipalities. Our joint mission is to insure that solid waste generated in the County is properly managed and disposed of in an environmentally-sound manner.

“Our focus is on maximizing recovery in ways that conserve natural resources and protect public health. Recycling and conservation are key components to achieve that mission.”

Speaking for the County Commission, John Morroni told Paradise News,  “Our Pinellas Recycling Program is so important to the Community that we have included recycling as part of the Pinellas Strategic Plan. Practicing superior environmental stewardship in the county is an integral part of our Strategic Plan in serving the public. Reducing and reusing resources to provide energy is a no brainer and I hope more governmental entities would include this type of responsible management in their plans!”

Tracy continued,  “It’s very important to read the labels for curbside recycling in your community as we don’t want to contaminate the recycling bins with trash. Plastic bottles should be empty and have necks. Other main focuses include no plastic bags or wrap, as they get caught in the recycling processing equipment and no Styrofoam of any kind in curbside or drop-off recycling containers.  Plastic shopping bags and newspaper sleeves may be recycled at grocery and big box type stores.  Styrofoam egg cartons and food trays may be recycled at Publix stores. Also, paper towels are not recyclable and should be placed in the trash.”

“All items recycled in Pinellas County are processed at a MRF (municipal recycling facility). Materials collected for recycling in Pinellas County are taken to MRFs in our area. They are separated according to the item.  Sorting is done using magnets, air blowers, screens, optical readers, and limited manual labor. Sorted items are then baled — after processing there is a bale of newspaper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, etc.  The bales are then sold to different companies that will recycle the material to make new products”.

“Pinellas County recycling contracts require all items recycled at County Collection Centers and the Beach Recycling Program be recycled, not landfilled. All materials placed in the trash are burned to generate electricity to power 40,000 Pinellas homes every day.

“Our staff can help coordinate recycling efforts and/or provide educational exhibits for any community event – homeowners associations, art shows, school carnivals, festivals and employee, sporting and food events.  You can borrow recycling bins or our Recyclin’ Roadie, a brightly painted mobile recycling trailer that can be parked to collect recyclables. For information, call 727-464-7500 or email

Visit /solidwaste/recycle.htm for an A-Z Guide on how to get rid of things and more, or pick up a current copy of Pinellas County’s publication,  “Recycle Today” at area libraries and city halls.

Every Household Helps

Andi and Jerry McDonald have been in St. Pete Beach since 2004, coming from Massachusetts a huge recycling state.  “Recycling is such an easy way to do our bit for the eco system,”  Andi tells Paradise News. “For me, my goal is always to have more in my recycling bins than in my trash each week”.

“To that end, we recycle all paper that comes into the house, not just newspapers and magazines: All junk mail, regular mail (after removing address); all envelope contents such as ads or even bills no longer needed once identifying info is removed; paper receipts without identifying info; and if you have a shredder, the shredding confetti can be recycled in a paper bag”.

“One item I notice that ends up in a lot of trash barrels instead of recycling bins is cardboard packing boxes. These can be flattened and added to your recycle bin along with the thoroughly rinsed juice/milk/soup, etc. cartons. I flatten everything in my bins: water bottles, cans, laundry soap/ softener containers. etc., so that less space is used.

“A lot of people laugh at me and my efforts because they believe the recycling just ends up in trash landfills anyway. I sure hope not! For me, recycling is a means of responding to the eco issue of creating less garbage. It is such an easy way to leave less of a footprint on our earth.”

Other Recycling Options

Beach & Park Recycling Program: This County program provides over 600 recycling containers to County parks and participating County beach locations. These bright blue recycling containers are conveniently located next to trash cans for visitors. Primarily for aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles, the expanded program now accepts glass bottles, newspapers, magazines and drink cartons.

Business Recycling-Cutting Waste at Work: Businesses generate a majority of the County’s Solid Waste, and much of this could be reduced, reused, or recycled. The Cutting Waste at Work program provides free assistance to help businesses or non-profit organizations reduce waste and conserve resources. For information, call 727-464-7500 or email

Yard Waste Recycling & Free Mulch:
Through this recycling program, leaves, branches and other forms of yard waste are processed into mulch, available free to the public. In Pinellas County over 100,000 tons of yard waste is recycled annually and available free at over 20 mulch sites. For a list of these sites, email

Reefs: This program is an innovative way to recycle demolition and construction debris such as old bridges or boats. Clean concrete and steel debris are used to construct artificial reefs.  These underwater reefs create valuable habitats for fish and other sea life, which in turn benefits fishermen and divers.

Mobile Collections of Electronic and Chemical Waste: These are a convenient way for residents to safely dispose of household chemicals and electronics, such as old computers, TV’s, paint or fertilizer.  This program is FREE to County citizens, with a modest fee for businesses. Mobile collection events are held on various Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm. 

Two more local collection events are scheduled in our area this calendar year: Sept. 10, St. Petersburg College Allstate Center, 3200 34th St. S, and Nov. 5, Gulfport Neighborhood Center, 1617 49th St. S. For the mobile collection schedule visit

Other Options:  Bring household electronic and chemical items year-round to the County permanent drop-off facility (HEC₃) at 2855 109th Ave. N, St. Petersburg,

M – F, 6 am – 6 pm, Sat. 7 am – 5 pm, closed Sundays & County Holidays. This includes household electronics such as cell phones, computer towers /CPUs (e,g, hard drives, CD drives), laptops, monitors, rechargeable batteries (remove from device, place device in garbage), smartphones, tablets, TV’s. Chemicals include automotive fluids, oils, fluorescent bulbs, fuels, cleaning supplies, paints and other chemicals.  Businesses including non-profits and religious organizations, haulers, hobbyists, property managers and salvagers should visit the web for options.

Summing up, Pinellas County spokesperson Jan Tracy emphasizes, “Pinellas County residents should be proud of their recycling success to date. We still have a way to go to meet – and hopefully exceed the 75% goal by 2020. We believe that by working together with our residents and businesses in all our communities, we can reach it!”  

Story by Steve Traiman

[Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Jan Tracy, Pinellas County; Andi McDonald, St. Pete Beach; and  Pinellas County Commissioner John Morroni, for their excellent comments.]
[Steve Traiman is President of Creative Copy by Steve Traiman in St. Pete Beach, offering freelance business writing services. He can be reached via email at]

Pinellas County Towns’ Recycling Information


Contact: Deanna Doss, 727-893-1089
Curbside: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans.

Drop-Off Recycling: Gulfport Neighborhood Center, 1617 49th St. S: Flattened cardboard, all-color glass, mixed paper.

Madeira Beach:

Contact: Megan Wepfer, 727-543-8154
Curbside: No-cap empty aerosol cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil/trays, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel food cans. Drop-Off Recycling: Marina, 505 150th Ave.: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastic containers #1-7, steel cans, metal jar lids.

South Pasadena:

Contact: Gary Anderson, 727-384-0701,
Curbside: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans.

Drop-Off Recycling: Winn Dixie southwest corner of lot, 6851 Gulfport Blvd.:  Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, all-color glass, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans.

St. Pete Beach:

Contact: John Kretzer, Public Works, 727-363-9247,
Curbside: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans.

St. Petersburg:

Contact: City Sanitation Dept., 727-893-7838,
Curbside & Alleys: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans. 

Recycling & Brush Sites: M-F, 9 am – 5;30 pm, Sat-Sun, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm: 1000 62nd Ave NE, 7750 26th Ave N, 2453 20th Ave N,  2500 26th Ave S, 4015 Dr. MLK Jr St. N: Aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans, appliances/mixed metal, yard waste (loose brush). Other City sites, contact Sanitation Dept.

Treasure Island:

Contact: CJ Holloway, 727-547-4575 ext. 253 or 250,
Curbside: No-cap empty aerosol cans, aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastics #1-7, steel cans.

Drop-Off Recycling: Isle of Capri Rosselli Park, Capri Circle S. & Second St E; Downtown, Public Works at City Hall, 120 108th  Ave; Paradise Island Treasure Bay, 10315 Paradise Blvd;  Sunset Beach, West Gulf Blvd. at 82nd Ave.: No-cap empty aerosol cans, aluminum cans, flattened cardboard, cartons, all-color glass, mixed paper, newspapers, plastic bottles, steel cans.

Rebecca Penneys International Piano Festival at USF

rppf-2One can sense the flow of impulses surging through her brain, working their way down the nervous system and into her fingertips in a matter of milliseconds. There’s no tension in her fingers nor her eyes, which occasionally glance at the ceiling either out of some silent acknowledgement of God or a sign that shows that there is no stress lying dormant in her veins.

That is the mind and hands of Rebecca Penneys at work. It is an advanced technique that she developed over the years called “Motion and Emotion.”  According to Penneys, it is “a natural keyboard technique that allows pianists to achieve performance goals and handle stress without physical strain or injury.”  Ignoring the cultural and anachronistic inconsistencies for a brief moment, you can imagine that Dr. Penneys would be exalted as one of the definitive artists in an era of classical music that spawned the likes of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach during the time of the harpsichord and fortepiano, the predecessors of the modern piano. Imagine the romantic Golden Age of Piano, the joy of the debut of modern piano in the days of Chopin, Liszt, Brahms and Schumann, with salon-style, three-hour long concerts.


rppf-4Instead she lives in a time of great musical diversity.  The audience for classical music has become much more elite in modern times, but unlike the Unites States, people in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe still cram into theatres and concert halls to hear piano concerts. Dr. Penneys performs worldwide and teaches and prepares younger generations to combine historical information, style and sounds of the great pianists of the golden age and more modern times with current piano techniques and holistic learning.

Dr. Penneys is founder/director and host of a piano festival less than an hour away from here.  The 4th annual Rebecca Penneys’ Piano Festival (RPPF) is held this summer from July 12-30, in Barness Hall on the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida.

For three weeks, three dozen top, aspiring, concert piano students not only get to play and study piano, but they get to meet their peers, other dedicated young pianists with whom some maintain relationships for decades.  They also get to attend live performances and hear master classes from Penneys and thirteen other distinguished piano professors from top schools worldwide.

Those students will learn to hone their craft and expand upon their skillsets using Steinway pianos. That’s a big deal. Why? Steinway is a brand that’s known for high quality and considered the finest instrument in the world. Imagine learning how to drive in an Aston Martin with Formula One winner James Hunt as your teacher, and you will know how these students feel once their fingers hit those piano keys for the first time, all the while in Penneys’ careful oversight. These are all future piano stars in the world of music.


They will enjoy world-class mentorship and tutelage for no charge – it is tuition-free. The Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival is supported entirely by donations. The Rebecca Penneys Friends of Piano Inc., a not-for-profit 501c3 organization welcomes your support, since there are operating expenses, like USF facility fees, room and board, food, transportation, piano tuning, and faculty salaries.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend the festivities. RPPF offers attendance at all concerts and classes to the public at no cost.

Over fifty years ago, Dr. Penneys was invited by Steinway to become a Steinway Artist, which is quite an honor. In addition to this title, she is Professor of Piano at the Eastman School of Music, Artist-in-Residence at St. Petersburg College, and Steinway-Artist-in-Residence at the University of South Florida. Dr. Penneys has accumulated many awards.  She even won an award, at age 17, that was created  “in her honor” the Special Critics’  Prize at the 7th International Chopin Competition in Warsaw. After that she piled up award after award in competitions across the world, while being recognized for her prowess at the piano.

It’s no wonder then that publications all over the world rave about that prowess.  Take the Budapest Sun for example.  In a review they said, “Penneys’ recording embodies the true essence of the Chopin Etudes, studies in sound, nuance, sensitivity, touch & emotion.  It is through her transcendent pianistic ability and complete understanding of the physiology of the body that these more humanistic qualities are released.”

If you investigate the rest of the reviews, you will find that Dr. Penneys is not compared to anyone. Her skill is not compared to other players, and her techniques are not compared to those in the past. With talent, imagination, years of practice and determination, she has established her own precedent.  Two new DVD’s filmed locally and recently at St. Petersburg College should will soon make their debut.

As word of the success of the first few festivals spread through the international concert piano student community, interest has increased. Rebecca and her handpicked faculty had over 100 fully qualified applications for the festival’s 36 openings. Since much of the learning comes from practicing performing in front of a group of strangers, piano music lovers are invited as audience during much of the festival. Outreach concerts are also performed closer to the beaches, at Westminster Shores, Allegro and  closest of all, at St. Pete College Music Center, 5th Avenue and 66th Street. These performances are provided free of admission, although donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

If you want to find out more about Professor Penneys, feel free to visit For more about the festival and it’s concert-watching opportunities, or to help support the festival, visit

Rebecca Penneys, Professor of Piano, Eastman School of Music, Artist-in-Residence at St. Petersburg College & Steinway-Artist-in-Residence at USF

Story by Lee Elstun

Meet Local St. Pete Beach Author Wendy Wax at the Signing for Her New Book- Sunshine Beach

sunshine-beachUSA Today best-selling author and St. Pete Beach native Wendy Wax invites the community to celebrate the sunset and her new novel Sunshine Beach on Sunday, June 26th, beachside at 6:30 pm at Paradise Grille, 900 Gulf Way, PAG. Paradise Grille is offering $5 wine & half-price beer during the book signing. A portion of each book sale will be donated to the new St. Pete Beach Community Library building fund, courtesy of Wendy & Joan Schulhafer Publishing & Media Consulting, Clifton, NJ. Wendy will personally autograph each book, provided by Bookmiser, East Cobb and Roswell, GA. Attendees can also enter the St. Pete Beach Building Fund/Wendy Wax Raffle for a chance to have their name – or a friend or family member’s name – in a future novel in her successful Ten Beach Road book series. The winner will also receive signed copies of her other Ten Beach Road books- “Ten Beach Road,” “Ocean Beach” and  “The House on Mermaid Street.”

St. Pete Beach Library Administrator Phyllis Ruscella told Paradise News,  “Wendy Wax has been a longtime, loyal friend to the St. Pete Beach Library and the community in which she spent her youth.  Her books are always in high demand among our patrons who are some of her greatest fans. We always appreciate an opportunity to partner with Wendy for local book signings and thank her for her continued support in efforts to build a new Library to better serve our patrons.”

In the new novel, Maddie, Avery and Nicole, the three female friends and stars of  “Ten Beach Road,” return to their (and Wendy’s) old stomping grounds- St. Pete Beach. The success of their new project, a nearby nearly mid-Century modern beachside hotel left vacant for decades, will make or break their TV careers and finances. It’s no coincidence that the location of the Sunshine Hotel approximates that of The Rellim, the St. Pete Beach hotel and beach club in Pass-a-Grille established in 1941 and owned for years by good friends of Wendy’s parents and where she spent many happy times. Memories of those days remain vivid for Wendy, and while the Sunshine Hotel differs in many ways from The Rellim, she made it a point to imbue it with the spirit of those earlier days.

Wendy currently splits her time between Atlanta, where she’s lived for nearly 20 years, and New York City. When not writing, she visits with readers at bookstores and book events, reads, enjoys her and her husband’s newly empty nest, and serendipitous visits with their sons.

June 26 event is free, but Wendy asks all to RSVP at so that enough books are on hand for all attendees.

Story by Steve Traiman

[Steve Traiman is President of Creative Copy by Steve Traiman in St. Pete Beach, offering freelance business writing services. He can be reached via email at]

Gorilla Joe’s Inc- Get Your Appliance Delivered TODAY!

gorilla-joes-logo“Your Source for Same Day Appliance Delivery & Installation”

Based out of Pinellas, Gorilla Joe, Inc. has been servicing the Tampa Bay area for 20 years. Gorilla Joe steps in when savy shoppers find a great deal on their new appliance or home furnishing then need some help moving and installing their new find! 

Don’t take the hassle of delivery and installation upon yourself when bringing home your new appliance or furniture. Even if you have access to a pick-up truck and a dolly, unless you are particularly handy with plumbing and electrical wiring, and have a strong back, these jobs are better left to the professionals at Gorilla Joe’s.

Gorilla Joe will do it for you! They offer  same day or next day delivery.  They can also remove or install dishwashers and replace over-the-range microwaves. They will even help you dispose of your old appliances. Due to the unreasonable number  of deliveries the stores expect their own delivery services to complete each day, they are apt to take shortcuts, rushing through deliveries, which can result in damage to your home or your new appliance.

Don’t settle for the store’s overworked and underpaid delivery service with your brand new appliance! If you need to replace an appliance or any furniture, shop round, find your dream replacement, then call Gorilla Joe to schedule your same day delivery and installation.  “Gorilla Joe offers a Premium same-day or next-day service. We always go above and beyond, to make sure your delivery service is an exceptional experience”, said Gorilla Joe, Inc. founder, long-time Treasure Island resident, Joseph Matera. 


“Check out our website, then head over to our Facebook Page to read the comments and reviews our clients leave for us.” – Gorilla Joe (631) 804-7774 

Get Your Delivery TODAY!

Story by Peter A Roos

Caddy’s on Sunset Beach

Whether you are looking for a place to spend an awesome day at the beach with your family, enjoy a delicious meal with the sound of the gentle Gulf waves lapping the shore or have a drink and dance to live music with a glorious sunset over the beach view, it is hard to beat Caddy’s on the Beach on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island.

Since the 1940’s Caddy’s on the Beach has been a destination where families and friends have gathered for beach outings, casual dining, live music and amazing sunsets. Grab a towel and sunscreen and we’ll see you there!


Many of us on the beach spent our young and wild years  “partying”  at Caddy’s, in the water or on the sand, often to the dismay of area residents. Boats gathered and anchored out, nearby beach goers blending in with the patrons – all to be able to drink alcohol on the beach and enjoy the atmosphere created carefully by Caddy’s for their patrons.


Back then it was truly one of the hottest spots on the beaches, but not necessarily by design. Last year this beach favorite came under new ownership, reviving its original family friendly atmosphere.

caddys-8Since Caddy’s is the only beach bar directly on the beach where you can enjoy a cocktail in the sand, the new owners wanted to preserve this right while appeasing unhappy neighbors.  Their experience operating the popular Mac Dinton’s and Yard of Ale pubs and restaurants throughout Tampa Bay has developed a sense of community, commitment and continuity. During the transition the staff was retained, the building updated to keep the quaint beach cottage feel and a new message of a family friendly atmosphere was created. Each patron is offered a complimentary beach chair to sit back and relax at Caddy’s on the Beach.

With a full range of dining options from breakfast straight through to an evening meal to remember, Caddy’s has you covered, no matter how long you care to stay.  What could be better than sipping your morning coffee with your toes wiggling in the sand as you gaze out to sea, enjoyably awaiting your bacon and eggs.  The evening’s sunset with its brilliant colors exploding across the sky as you dine can give you a pretty spectacular feeling too. Caddy’s on the Beach is open seven days a week, 8 am to 11 pm. The $5 valet parking fee covers you for the full day.

Caddy’s offers a wide ranging menu which can be previewed online. The Casual American fair includes seafood, salads, sandwiches, burgers and the area’s best BBQ. There are choices for the little ones 12 and under on the Kid’s Menu and a full line of desserts including ice cream treats. Just go sit back and relax on the sand til that fullness feeling subsides and when you are ready end your meal with a refreshing slice of Key Lime pie or a decadent Brownie Sunday to cool you to your core. Sounds an awful lot like the perfect picnic on the beach, though I do recommend eating at the restaurant picnic tables and within the restaurant as there are lots of hungry sea gulls vying for your meal – inside they have you covered.

Complementary cabanas are available to friend and family gatherings with a minimum overall purchase which includes food, beverage and even their signature t-shirt. Each cabana provides comfortable seating for 15 – 20, complementary water and cooler with ice. It is always advisable to call ahead and make reservations for one of the cabanas as it is a popular option for special celebrations such as birthdays, wedding parties and family reunions. Imagine hosting a party on the beach where all you have to do is wave to your friendly server once you see your glass is getting empty.  The cabanas provide a wonderful source of shade and come with lounge chairs if you choose to bask in the sun. The best of both world’s available to you and your guests.


caddys-2At Caddy’s on the Beach every afternoon and evening there is live music to help complete the atmosphere with a variety of styles to include island reggae, soulful acoustic stories or good old rock n’ roll. The website offers the entire entertainment listing.  The music always seems to blend with the time of day as afternoons feel a bit lazier then the evening once the sun sets.  As with the different styles of music there are also options for your seating pleasure -inside offers a more restaurant feel, as you meander to the open area porch you can feel the sea breezes while sheltered from the sun. My favorite place to be is on a picnic table in the sand. Upstairs above the restaurant is a great casual area perfect for toasting the setting sun. Being directly on the beach lounging with a cool refreshing drink in your hand can truly feel like the definition of paradise. Spend all day and experience the ambiance of them all.


And speaking of a cool refreshing drink, Caddy’s on the Beach has something for everyone. Caddy’s offers a large selection of soda, tea, juice, beer, wine, frozen favorites and specialty shots and cocktails. Whether you are thirsty for a cup of coffee, ice cold tea, tall cold beer or that perfect frosty margarita, just sit back, relax and it will be right there. As noted earlier, Caddy’s on the Beach is the only beachfront bar in which alcohol is permitted directly on the sand, please respect this privilege and drink responsibly.  In respect for the beach and the barefoot beach goers glass is not allowed on the sand. Caddy’s on the Beach is still one of the hottest entertainment hot spots in our area providing great food, live music, excellent service, ice cold beverages to meet your mood, amazing sunsets and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico as your playground. Now more than ever Caddy’s on the Beach is the place for everyone to enjoy. Caddy’s on the Beach is truly a family destination for the entire day, some consider it a mini vacation all in one day with everything you need all in one place. No worries as your service staff ensures you enjoy your day. Caddy’s on the Beach can easily become your favorite place on the beach.

Caddy’s is located at 9000 West Gulf Boulevard, Treasure Island. At the light on Gulf Blvd. you will see the 7-1 store which is a good landmark for reference. It is also at this point that Gulf Blvd. becomes Blind Pass Road until you reconnect in St. Pete Beach and 75th Avenue. West Gulf Blvd. is also considered Sunset Beach – years ago a storm created Blind Pass and Gulf Blvd. became divided.   Caddy’s on the Beach is just a short distance down where you will see the parking attendant to your right that will direct you where to park and collect your $5. You may also want to consider hopping the Trolley or Free Beach Ride as an option on busy beach days or after a long day at the beach that went well into evening.

 Again, they are open seven days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. For cabana reservations or general information please call 727.360.4993.  You can also visit them on the web at for special events, entertainment schedule, menus and even get a sneak peek on the webcam.


You may also be interested to know that there is a Caddy’s on Central for your dining and drinking pleasure while you are downtown in the city of St. Petersburg. Located at 217 Central Ave. and is open 7 days a week, 11 am to 1 am week days and open until 3 am on Friday and Saturdays. Serving lunch, dinner and late night snacks. Sunday’s stop by for brunch from 11 am – 2 pm where all items are $10 with an extensive Bloody Mary Bar starting at $4 for wells. Each First Friday join in the fun as Caddy’s on Central is in the midst of the Get Downtown celebrations.  You can access all the information you need about Caddy’s on Central through

7 Summer Activities… NOT to be MISSED!!! UPDATED FOR 2017 DATES!

UPDATED MAY, 17 2017 with 2017 DATES

1- A Summer Sunset 5K Series! St. Pete Road Runners and the City of Madeira Beach are both hosting Sunset 5K series again this summer.

– The SPRR Summer series:June 23, July 21 & August 18 at Hurricane Restaurant in Pass-A-Grille. Race starts: 7 pm. Registration: $30/race or $75/series. Sign up at
– Madeira Beach Sunset Series scheduled forJune 16, July 7, August 4, John Pass Shelter. Race starts at 7:15 pm. Registration:  $30/race or $65/series. Register


2 –  A St. Pete Beach Dive-In Movie

St. Pete Beach will again be hosting summer Dive-In Movies on select Fridays this summer.  Bring noodles, floats & chairs to lounge by the pool while watching a movie on their big inflatable screen under the stars! Open: 8 pm. $4/person. Find out more

June 2- Moana
June 16- Jungle Book
June 30- Lego Batman
July 14- Finding Dory
July 28- Doctor Strange


3 – Rowdies Game

Cheer on your Tampa Bay Rowdies this summer! Join the pre-game tailgate action or grab a bite to eat at the team’s Rowdies Den, then get ready to cheer on your Tampa Bay Rowdies as they race for a championship!  The Rowdies offer kid’s tickets for just $10 if you call 727.222.2000! See when the next match is at

4 – Enjoy a STAYCATION at NEW waterpark

Holiday Inn Harbourside in Indian Rocks Beach!  The NEW Splash Harbour Water Park is now opens 7 days a week 10 am to 6 pm. Daily rates: non-guest $24.95/adult or $21.95/child under 48” tall. More at (20% OFF Regular Admission with Proof of FL Residency!)


5 – Join a Rays Watch Party on the beach at Tradewinds’ Guy Harvey Outpost – St. Pete Beach.  The Rays Street Team will be there with lots of great giveaways.  Drinks and all your cookout favorites will be available for purchase. Parking is available at the Guy Harvey Outpost for $10. Find out more at

  • Sunday, July 30: Rays vs. Yankees – 1:05 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 27: Rays vs. Cardinals – 2:15 p.m.
  • Sunday, September 24: Rays vs. Orioles – 1:35 p.m.


6 – Cult Classics at the Dali

Cult Classics return to the Dali Museum Thursdays this summer! Shoreline sunsets paint the perfect backdrop for your favorite offbeat films. Enjoy the Dali’s reduced $10 admission starting at 5 pm on Thursdays then head outside for this great St. Pete event. Doors open and vendors start at 7 pm. Movie begins 8:30 pm. Free & open to public. Beer tastings available for $5 for 5 tastings. Find out more at

· June 1 Young Frankenstein
· July 6 Rocky Horror Picture Show
· August 3 Edward Scissor Hands


7 -Tampa Bay Bucs Training Camp 

Watch your Tampa Bay Bucs get ready at their 2017 Training Camp. In mid-July, Bucs will open up their summer Training Camp at the team’s headquarters at One Buccanner Place in Tampa for fans of all ages to watch them run drills and children 12 & under will have the opportunity to gather on the field to receive free autographs from Bucs players following practice. This event is free and open to the public. Dates are TBA. Check for more information and dates once they are released.