A New Field For The Miracle League Children

The 4th Annual Tierra Verde Octoberfest is the highlight of the island’s fall season. 

This year we have committed to help the Miracle League raise the $100,000 it needs to refurbish their ten-year-old ball field, designed to provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball.

miracle-leagueGoals of the International Organization are to:

•Promote community support and sponsorship of Miracle Leagues.
•Promote the construction of special facilities that meet the unique needs of Miracle League players and their families.  

The Miracle League needs a rehab for its St. Petersburg field as the individual rubber tiles come loose, the children trip and fall. What is needed is a solid rubber field, costing about $125,000. Grants and individual contributions are presently trying to fix this need. TVBP hopes to contribute as well.

We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt children with disabilities. What we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our National pastime baseball.

For more information visit www.themiracleleague.net


Oktoberfest is scheduled in Tierra Verde, from 4 to 9 pm, on Saturday, October 15. Some Tampa Bay Ray’s will be there in a dunk tank because  they believe in this cause and we need to raise the money for the children. (Retired Rays will participate if the team is in the World Series)

We have established Sponsorship levels from $25 – friends to $75,000 for Angels, with banners, logo recognition and even Complex Naming Rights available for contributors in the highest categories.The local Miracle League operation

has been a project of the Gulf Beaches Kiwanis Club, a very small group that seriously needs our help to be able to continue the wonderful work the group

has accomplished over the past 10 years.

A Miracle League  ‘Go Fund Me’ page has been established where you can make an anonymous gift from home.

Please open your hearts and your wallets, and lets tell these kids we want to play ball for them.

Yellowstone 100th

Since Yellowstone was made our nation’s – and the world’s – first National Park on March 3, 1872, by decree of President U.S. Grant under the newly passed Antiquities Act of Congress, we now have more than 400 National Parks and Monuments. All are cared for by the National Park Service, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of its founding in 1916 with month-long events this August across America.

Our own Everglades National Park was established in May, 1934, by President Franklin Roosevelt to protect the quickly vanishing Everglades. It was dedicated in 1947. Your Feature Writer and my wife Bonnie kicked off an early celebration with a recent 1,155-mile Caravan Tour by luxury motor coach. Our long-anticipated trip included Mt. Rushmore, Little Bighorn Battlefield and Crazy Horse National  Monuments, as well as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

Crazy Horse & Mt. Rushmore

Our tour began in Rapid City, SD, with a visit first to the Crazy Horse Memorial, started in 1948 by sculptor Korczak Ziolokowski with only the face and top of his arm completed to date. Dedicated to the Lakota Sioux Chief credited with the Little Bighorn strategy that defeated Custer’s 7th Cavalry, It is being completed by son Nick and other family members. It is supported only by private donations to the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.


Mt. Rushmore’s famous quartet of presidential faces – Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt & Lincoln was started in 1927 by sculptor Gutzon Borglun and completed in 1941, with its 75th anniversary celebrated this year. A rare treat was on the half-mile Presidential Trail walk “up close and personal” to the monument where we heard a talk by an NPS Ranger who is the grandson of famed Chief Red Cloud. He told of his grandfather’s trip to Washington with four other Sioux Elders in the late 1870’s to request more food, education and health aid for the Indian tribes on the reservations. He also related a moving legend from his tribe of Mother Nature and her plea to share what you have with others, and to safeguard the environment for future generations.

On our way to the Little Bighorn we passed through Lead, CO, where one of the world’s richest gold mines operated 8,000 feet deep from 1938 to 2009 and now is a major government underground research facility. Just across the Wyoming border we passed the famous Vore Buffalo Jump where remains of more than 20,000 bison were found. Over 600 years, they were driven by Indians to their death to provide food and hides.

We made a side trip to the imposing Devil’s Tower, a 60-million-year-old, 865-foot-high magma volcanic eruption rising 1,280 feet above the Belle Fourche River. Sacred to the Lakota Sioux among other tribes, it was designated our First National Monument by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1906.

Crossing into Montana, we went through the Crow Nation, our fifth largest reservation and home to over 12,000 tribal members. Crow scouts were with General Custer at Little Bighorn, where a stone obelisk monument erected in 1881 on Last Stand Hill includes the names of Custer and all who died with him on June 26, 1876. Stone markers also identify the fallen Cavalrymen, Sioux and Cheyenne in the adjoining small Cemetery, and elsewhere on the grounds.

It took 122 years for the more impressive Indian Memorial to open in 2003. Dominated by a “Spirit Gate” outline sculpture of “Spirit Warriors” with a view to the Cavalry obelisk, the circular series of walls highlights the tribes involved in the battle, and Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse who led their 1,500-plus warriors.

Yellowstone Highlights

Our trip to Yellowstone began with a drive past the Beartooth Mountains along the scenic Yellowstone River, where famed Chief Joseph and his Nez Perce tribe in 1877 fled toward Canada. U.S. troops caught up 40 miles from the border, where the Chief surrendered with his famous quote, “Our flight has ended; I will fight no more!” We also crossed the historic 45th parallel, halfway between the Equator and North Pole.

Yellowstone is more than 2 million square miles, mostly in Wyoming, plus parts of Idaho and Montana. Much of the Park is in the Caldera Basin left after a giant volcanic eruption more than 600 million years ago! We entered the park through the imposing Roosevelt Arch. During our two days we saw many Pronghorn (antelope), Elk and and wild Bison, as well as Osprey and a Grizzly Bear. Later in the trip we added sightings of a Black Bear and a pair of Bald Eagles.

Yellowstone was first administered briefly by private interests, with the U.S. Army taking over in the 1880’s, until the National Park Service was established in 1916, officially taking charge in 1918.­

Our first stop was at Mammoth Hot Springs, where we saw the Palette – terraced volcanic geyser pools – and two former eruptions, Devil’s Thumb and Liberty Cap mounds, as well as three Elk bucks drinking at the pools. We then stopped at the Calcite Springs overlook and rode up over Dunraven Pass with many switchbacks past 8,859-foot-high Mount Washburn.

The next day began with a local guide and a visit to the stunning Fountain Paint Pots – bubbling “sulphurterra” gas pots, past many Lodgepole Pines with “white bobby sox feet” affected by silica in the large Celestine Pool. The historic fountain-type Castle Geyser erupts four times daily for more than 20 minutes, a stunning display equaling that of Old Faithful, a cone-type geyser.

On our way to the “Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone,” we first stopped at the 109-foot-high Upper falls, then to Canyon Village Visitors Center for lunch. The Canyon, estimated at 160,000 years old, is dominated by the scenic 308-foot-high Lower Falls. From Artist Point we saw the top annual flow of 64,000 gallons per minute.

yosemite-old-faithfulWe stayed two nights at the historic Old Faithful Inn, designed by architect Richard Reamer and opened in 1904. it is constructed with Lodgepole Pine logs, with a 50-ton native stone fireplace rising 108 feet to the roof of the main lobby.

We had ringside seats for the almost clockwork 90-minute eruption of Old Faithful Geyser, whose stunning display lasts about 10 minutes. A boardwalk takes visitors past Old Faithful to see a number of other geysers and volcanic pools.

Grand Teton & Oregon Trail

steve-bonnie-grand-tetonsLeaving Yellowstone, we crossed the 8,279-foot-high Continental Divide three times, traveling along the John D. Rockefeller Jr. highway into Grand Teton National Park.

Established in 1929, the park includes 32,000 acres acquired quietly by Rockefeller and donated to the U.S.

Another tour highlight was at Moose, WY, where we used four large rubber rafts for a stunning trip – with a bag lunch – down the Snake River. The 1,181-mile course starts in Washington State and ends in the Columbia River. Our local guide pointed out the sights that included many beaver dams, Canada Geese, Muscovy Ducks, a very fat Raccoon and a Moose cow with her young calf.

It was on to an overnight stay in Jackson, WY, a noted artist center with its outstanding Museum of Wildlife Art. The town square has four stunning Elk Antler Horn arches and a notable Million Dollar Cowboy Bar with horse saddle bar stools.

En route to Salt Lake City, we stopped at the historic Oregon /California Trail Center in Montpelier, ID, built and maintained by all-volunteer local costumed hosts. They took us through a simulated four to five-month, 2,000-mile trip that more than 500,000 made from Independence, MO, to Oregon City, OR, from 1838 to 1914.

The lure was a free 120-acre land deed – to both men and women from the U.S. government.

Our last stop in SLC included a brief but notable guided tour of historic Temple Square by four Mormon Church sisters. Included was the stunning Mormon Tabernacle with its 11,000-plus Pipe Organ & where the 325-member Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses and performs their weekly Sunday morning TV show as they’ve been doing since 1929, originally on radio of course.

Our memorable eight-day tour took us back through millions of years of history. Our visits to some of our most notable National Parks and Monuments reminded us continuously how important are these treasured lands, and for all of us to help preserve them forever.

[Steve Traiman is President of Creative Copy by Steve Traiman in St. Pete Beach, offering freelance business writing services. He can be reached via email at traimancreativecopy@gmail.com]    

Sculley’s & The Hut

sculleys-exteriorTwo of the most popular spots seem to be Sculley’s and the Hut.

Sculley’s has the prime position on the John’s Pass Boardwalk, offering waterfront views while dining outside or in the air conditioning. Sculley’s offers outdoor seating on their waterfront deck and in a rustic air-conditioned indoor space, decorated like a fishing lodge. A special early bird pairing menu and specials are offered daily.

The children’s menu features youngster’s favorites from Mac & Cheese, to Fish & Chips and Chicken Nuggets for under $8. Lunch is served 11-4.  Early Bird Pairing and dinner are served 4-10 daily. Are you craving mouth watering, seafood and refreshing tropical drinks in an waterfront setting?

sculleys-interiorSculley’s Waterfront Restaurant is renowned for creating a dining experience that rivals the brilliant sunsets seen from their covered deck.

Nestled on Florida’s picturesque Intercoastal Waterway, Sculley’s is a true slice of Old Florida, serving award winning Fresh Seafood, Steaks and Pasta dishes in a casual waterfront atmosphere.  Guests can dine in our air-conditioned dining rooms or out on their deck while watching dolphins frolic in the surf!

Lunch & Dinner Menu items are offered daily.  Allow their legendary Monster Fish Sandwich to redefine your lunch experience.  At dinner, awaken your taste buds with our  “School of Fish” – three portions of fresh local fish – each served with 3 different sauces or indulge in their  “East meets West”  crab stuffed Jumbo Shrimp with a half-pound Certified Angus Beef Sirloin Steak.

A full liquor bar serves refreshing frozen drinks & martinis. Try their Fuzzy Mango or Blue Hawaiian Martini!  For everyone who loves the redemptive powers of the sea, the very freshest seafood and great drinks, the cure may just be at Sculley’s Seafood Restaurant on John’s Pass. A full liquor bar offers all major brands and a host of specialty drinks.

hut-barThe Hut steals the show as you approach from the private parking lot, just north of the restaurant. The oversized tiki style roof over the 70’  long bar is truly a landmark. If you are looking for a moment to unwind or an evening with the family at a great waterfront location and friendly atmosphere, The Hut is for you!

They ensure your presence in this blissful ambience will leave you feeling refreshed. With 32 beers on draft and over 20 craft brews chilling at all times, they are confident they can quench your thirst.  Bring the youngsters too. They’ll be thrilled with the Hut’s kids menu.

There are 10 flat screen tv’s for sports and entertainment and family friendly live music is often playing here.  There’s also seating on the dock. Happy hour prices prevail Monday through Friday 2 to 6 pm.

The Hut Bar & Grill
Located in John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk
190 Boardwalk Pl E, St. Petersburg, FL 33708
(727) 233-3311thehutbarandgrill.com

Let them know Paradise NEWS sent you! 

Madeira Beach Town Center Project

Madeira Beach Development Co., LLC, proposes to develop Madeira Beach Town Center, a new mixed-use project on two adjacent parcels, 4.5 acres with 1,100 feet of Intracoastal Waterway frontage and a 2.1 acre  triangular shape directly across Gulf Boulevard from Archibald Park.

The City has essentially two major retail and entertainment areas. At the south end of the community is the hugely popular tourist  destination of John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk, a retail and entertainment district in the style of a quaint fishing village located on the Boca Ciega Bay waterfront at John’s Pass, which provides direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. The second is located in the City’s downtown area at the northern end of the community at the entrance to the City from the mainland.

This second area, known as the Town Center, includes; City Hall, local library, the City’s fire station, a recreation complex, R.O.C. Park; a children’s memorial park and entertainment destination; various local retail and entertainment businesses, the municipal marina and Archibald Beach Park, the community’s major public beach access.

The Madeira Beach Town Center development parcels are located at the gateway into the City from the mainland.

The planned development includes the following components:

On the Waterfront Parcel

• One 150 – 180 room hotel with Bay & Gulf views, and approximately 5,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor.
• A public marina with 43 boat slips and a 5,000 square foot commercial/retail building with dedicated surface parking.
• Two mid-rise, 45-unit residential condominium buildings, each with their own dedicated parking, and each having Bay views.


On the Triangle Parcel

One 200 – 250 room hotel on top of up to 40,000 square feet of commercial/retail space and a parking structure providing both dedicated parking and public parking. This structure would have both Gulf and Bay views and would be directly across  Gulf Boulevard from the City’s main beachfront park.  The hotel would be connected to the beachfront park by an elevated air bridge across Gulf Boulevard providing direct access from the public beach without crossing the busiest street in the City.


The City of Madeira Beach previously adopted a Town Center Special Area Plan that encourages the development of operating businesses that create jobs and tourism traffic. The Madeira Beach Town Center project was designed specifically to meet the City’s objectives and complies with the Town Center Special Area Plan in all respects.

The development site is particularly conducive to hotel, retail and condominium development, because of its proximity to both the beach access and other community recreational and entertainment amenities.

Madeira Beach Progress

The scope of the nearly $11 million in new City Centre projects was bigger than some residents felt was prudent – mostly concerning the traffic and infrastructure impact. However, the investment that Madeira Beach made more than two years ago (Paradise News, March 2014 issue) is already paying back significant dividends.

Included on the east side of the Tom Stuart Causeway bridge are a new Publix store, Marriott Courtyard, Chase Bank, Walgreen’s with one of the chain’s first Clinics, and a soon to open Slyce Pizza.


Mayor Travis Palladeno told Paradise News,  “A pair of $100-million-plus multi-use developments is destined to dramatically change the west side of the bridge when a pending lawsuit is dismissed or settled in the City’s favor.  We feel that it’s a totally nuisance suit.”

More than $1 million in improvements to Archibald Park, including a complete Snack Shack makeover and takeover by a new concessionaire, has brought in significant visitor dollars and added beach meter parking revenue.  City Manager  Shane Crawford said,  “Beach services now include kayaks, paddleboards, chairs, lounges, cabanas & umbrellas. If you don’t get to that lot before 10 am, you’re out of luck.”


In addition, the new Recreation Center, which opened in February 2015, is attracting major national sports tourism; R.O.C. Park is attracting major concerts and many municipal events that contribute increasing dollars back into the city’s general fund and the Bandshell is attracting more new promoters.

Helping keep the total construction, permitting and architectural costs on budget and attracting this other new construction is why Madeira Beach has one of the best FEMA Flood Insurance discount rates of the beach communities. The City’s Michelle Orton explained,  “The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides a 20% premium discount to properties in our Special Flood Hazard Areas.

This gives all our property owners access to these lower rates. There are a few beach communities with the same rating but we are working to have that number reduced for a higher discount.”

Rec Center = Profit Center

“Our Rec Center has become its own new profit center,” Crawford emphasized.  “Thanks to Doug Andrews, our Parks, Recreation and Events Director and his staff we’ve seen increased use of all our new facilities.” 

The Mayor added,  “We’re working with many other civic and business groups who have used these facilities and are now donating thousands of dollars in thanks to the City.”  Andrews cited some of the Rec Center and R.O.C. Park highlights:  “Our Ballfields have had more than 65 days of sports events and 13 major tournaments from February 2015 through this past June. Our activity was built around all Girls NCAA Division 1 college softball led by Eastern Michigan University.” 


They hosted a 12-team tournament last year including Harvard, Columbia, N.D. State and  Villanova, among others. “We had a dozen teams again this year, both events sanctioned by the NCAA. With our fields recently approved by the NCAA in 2017 we are running back to back with 24 Division 1 teams over two weeks.”

“Sponsored by the National Softball Association (NSA), our Girls’ youth softball events have been wildly successful. On the Boys’ side, through the International Baseball Conference (IBC), we had a national tournament for Boys 10 and under, with more events to come. None of this would be possible without the amazing help of the St. Petersburg/ Clearwater Sports Commission.”

The Mayor noted,  “All these events put more bodies in our hotel and motel beds, and all our stores and restaurants share the benefits.” Andrews continued, “R.O.C. Park and our Bandshell have hosted at least five major and many other smaller concerts and municipal events.”

“The big one was the Boy George & Culture Club show last August that drew over 6,500. We also had the Summerland Tour last year, and again this past July, headed by Everclear & Sugar Ray.  We’ve worked with a number of promoters, and overall it’s been a pretty exciting and profitable adventure.”


“On the municipal side, fishing is part of Madeira Beach’s DNA, so we continue to host the King of the Beach Fishing Tournaments, the Gulf Beaches Rotary Spring Carnival, the ‘Phil-fest’  Melanoma Awareness Concert and ‘The Bone’ BBQ Slam.”

“We’ve booked weddings almost weekly, using the City Centre rooms or the Rec Center, as well as Archibald Park. We’ve booked into 2018 at an average of about $2,000 an event. Overall, with the help of a great city staff we’ve certainly been keeping very busy.”

A True Partnership

“Our success and progress is due to a true partnership of our officials, residents and businesses,” the Mayor emphasized. “ As our thanks, August is officially  ‘Citizens Appreciation Month’, with kudos to Doug for putting the events together. Highlight is Friday (12) Movie Night at Archibald Park with a showing of the original ‘Jaws’.

Everyone will be seated at the water’s edge facing a giant 20 x 20-foot screen – no looking over your shoulder!”   


1 – Every Monday, BOGO PuttPutt – Smuggler’s Cove
2 – Free Ice Cream Sandwich Day –  1 – 4:30 pm   John’s Pass Village
5 – Sunset 5K –  7 pm   John’s Pass Park
 9 – Book Cover Day –  10 am-6 pm –  Gulf Beaches Library;
11 – Rec Center  “Open House” –  6 – 8 pm
12 – ‘Jaws” The original movie –  6 –  pm – Archibald Park
13 – Wiffle Ball Tournament –  Ballfields
16 – Tell A Joke Day –  Social Media
19 – Loco Locals Night –  2-4-1 drinks & live music – 4 – 8 pm –  Daiquiri Shak
20 – Yoga in the Park – R.O.C. Park
23 – Free Kids Slurpee Day –  3 – 6 pm –  Mad beach 711
25 – Meet the Commissioners –  City Centre
26 – Slipper When Wet “The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute”  free concert – 7 pm –  R.O.C. Park
27 – Zumba in the Park –  Recreation Stage –  with the finale
30 –  Family Fun Day –  Social Media

Mayor Palladeno was elected to a second term in March 2014, with an overwhelming victory over an opponent totally opposed to the new complex who said,  “The project is a waste that I would try to downsize if elected.”  Asked if he planned to run for another term next March, he enthused, “Absolutely as I’d like to finish the job!” 

[Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Mayor Travis Palladeno, City Manager Shane Crawford and Parks, Recreation and Events Director Doug Andrews, and Michelle Orton for their excellent comments.] Steve Traiman is President of Creative Copy by Steve Traiman in St. Pete Beach, offering freelance business writing services. He can be reached via email at traimancreativecopy@gmail.com.

PHOTOS by Tropical Focus & City of Madeira Beach Recreation

Legend of Tierra Verde Mural Returns to it’s Ancestral Home – Almost

The Island Grille & Raw Bar plans to  unveil the LEGEND OF TIERRA VERDE MURAL at the restaurant’s soon-to-be-opened new location at 210 Madonna Blvd. in Tierra Verde, FL 33715.  The event is scheduled to take place in mid-September 2016.

The event will also feature original musical recordings from the Port-O-Call, where the mural was on display for many years since the 1960’s.  TV monitors throughout the reception area will feature the original Route 66 television episode that was filmed in Tierra Verde.

Honored guests will include local, county and state officials. Carolyn Jackson Gruber, the artist who created the 10’ x 4’ mural in August 1981, will be on hand to discuss the artwork and participate in the unveiling ceremony. She will autograph commemorative copies in miniature of the mural, which will be available for sale in the restaurant’s retail area.

The mural, depicting historical scenes from Tierra Verde and the surrounding area, was on display at the (former) Tierra Verde Resort, where the (now deceased) legendary bandleader,  Guy Lombardo, regularly performed at Le Club.

Special thanks to Donna Mason; Arthur Zelenak, Sr; Timothy L. & Pamela Landt, Bob & Colleen Mueller and The Island Grille & Raw Bar and Paul Cozzie, the Director of Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources.

Unveiling ceremony – Space limited. Reservations recommended,  Connie Langhorst – 727-480-5954 or by email at ThinkConnieL@gmail.com.

Reservations – The Island Grille & Raw Bar – 727-865-7670.

Artwork (credit): Artwork courtesy of Friends of Tierra Verde www.FriendsofTierraVerde.com

Photo (credit): Courtesy  Connie Langhorst.

9-year-old Photographer’s Dream Comes True

For the past two years, it has been nine-year-old Madison Harrison’s dream to take a picture of the President of the United States.

“I wanted to photograph the President, well, because he’s the President.  It seemed like an impossible dream and I wanted to prove that anything is possible,” Harrison said.  Harrison picked up her first camera at the age of three and started her own photography business at age seven. On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, the dream became a reality.


Harrison was invited by the United State of Women (“USOW”), a White House initiative, to photograph The President of the United States at their first USOW summit held in Washington, D.C.  “It felt like I was dreaming.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw the President of the United States walk out onto the stage right in

front of me, in the same room,” Harrison said.

About a year and a half ago, Harrison started sharing her dream in a YouTube video and using a hashtag campaign, #HelpMadisonMeetPOTUS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On June 8, the last day of school, Harrison’s dream started to unfold when she received a private Twitter message from the USOW. They advised they had seen her #HelpMadisonMeetPOTUS  hashtag campaign and wanted to invite her to cover the summit hosted by Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

The USOW organization knew this would be a dream come true for Harrison, as President Barack Obama was scheduled to address the 5000 women who would be in attendance.  Harrison was one of 200 press personnel to attend the event

in Washington, DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  Little did Harrison know, she would also get to photograph Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Vice President Joe Biden, among others. Harrison said she would still like to meet the President and photograph him and his family. Her next goal is to photograph celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscars!

For more information, call Photos With Madison at 813-625-5502. Visit Madison’s website at www.photoswithmadison.com

Keep up with all of Madison’s photography adventures on her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/photoswithmadison . photoswithmadison@aol.com


working-cow-homemade-ice-creamLook for the ‘Working Cow’ Logo when you treat yourself to Ice Cream

Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream has been manufacturing super premium ice cream locally since 1993. For over twenty years they have served ice cream parlors, restaurants and institutions, including universities and retirement communities.

They are truly a local success story.

It is obvious, if you look around, that people in Florida LOVE Ice Cream. Tourists sometimes treat themselves every day, often to a different flavor.  “I’ve had customers try all 60 flavors we carry in just ten days. Working Cow Ice Cream is  addictive,” said a local ice cream parlor pioneer.

Most of the best independant ice cream parlors in Paradise NEWS readership area from the beaches to downtown feature Working Cow. Working Cow is proud to make their ice cream here, using local dairies and Florida ingredients whenever possible. Their goal is to provide their fans, old and new, with the freshest,  healthiest ice cream.

The employees & families of Working Cow thank you for your patronage and support, and promise you that they  “will never sacrifice quality for bottom line profits.”  They are a St. Petersburg, Florida-based, family-owned company, blending more than 100 flavors, creating: super premium homemade gourmet ice creams, frozen yogurts, sugarfree ice creams, sherbets and fruity Italian Ices.

They are one of the only remaining ice cream companies in the United States that still use batch freezers, quality ingredients from sustainable farmers across the lands, and Florida’s finest dairy with no bovine growth hormone or high fructose corn syrup. The result is old-fashioned homemade taste that brings back memories and will make memories with the family for years to come. They would like to earn your business and fulfill your ice cream and frozen treat needs and desires. 

Knowing how unusual their business is in the industry, Working Cow has devised a system for visitors from the northeast, midwest and the rest of the country to get their terrific ice cream at home too. Packed in a sturdy cooler and covered with dry ice, 4 quarts arrive safely within 3 days, nationwide. 

Visit online at: WorkingCowHomemade.comChoose four favorite flavors from the extensive list provided. Click on shipping information for details, and remember, “There’s love in every scoop.”

Home delivery customers can choose from over 20 readily  available flavors that can ship Monday – Thursday anywhere in the country with 1-3 day delivery.  Call (727) 572-7251.

Opening up an ice cream shop or wanting to carry Working Cow products in an existing business?  Call toll free at (877) 320-2269.

BUSINESS Profile   – By Peter A. Roos

Selene, Fresh Fare & Bar

People have been asking me about Selene, Fresh Fare & Bar, the newest fine dining restaurant at 4945 Gulf Blvd. in St. Pete Beach.

Until now, I’ve typically responded that they were too new to review. Then I tell them I promised Joyce LaFray she would be our exclusive PN restaurant critic.selene-logo

We’ve generally tried to give new restaurants a while to get their systems in place before a review anyway.  For Selene, we need not have waited.

After a few personal experiences for drinks and happy hour apps, dinner and Sunday Brunch, I would have to say they are easily the most impressive new arrival yet in 2016 on the barrier islands of West Florida. An online search tells me I am not unique.

They’ve already got 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, Face Book and Yelp. There is also a fun review on ‘the Piglet Parade’, a really interesting Foodie blog from Indian Shores.


Happy Hour – 4-7 pm, finds an elegant  ‘cheers’ kind of atmosphere with $4 house wines, wells and craft beers, and domestics $3.

The real deal are the gourmet appetizers at Happy Hour prices. The choice of three spreads with pita points for $6 is a great vegetarian option. For cheese lovers there’s Spinach Pie and  Fennel Rolls with Feta. The Grilled Octopus is the ‘best ever’ according to a number of experienced Greek diners. I would have to agree. Renee thought the Quail appetizer was delicious.


On the happy hour menu they are only $7 (the highest price on the menu) and it is enough for several people to taste the delicious tender grilled flavors. A new local ‘Foodie’ magazine rated Selene the top new place in Tampa Bay. These days I put more weight on personal reviews I see online, particularly TripAdvisor.  As I am writing this article, the headlines within the past month say:

“Great Place. Great Food,”  “Must Try”   “Great End to a Great Vacation.” Tampa Tribune’s Food Writer wrote a glowing review and Creative Loafing predicted they would survive due to a dearth of good places to eat on the beach. I personally feel the beach is just a part of a movement toward better, healthier dining and Selene is a part of it.

Selene is unique in many ways. Its central, non-resort location, huge parking lot, and plenty of seating, both indoors and out. And the food is remarkable!

Jon Rector, editor of Piglet Parade (a blog, primarily of local restaurants) reported on a March visit to Selene at happy hour in an online review where Selene was highly acclaimed.

It appears to be a non-commercial literary endeavor. Jon lives in Indian Shores and dines with his bride, “the Belle of Gulf Boulevard”. Here he arrives at Selene.  “Taylor, the high priestess of the Selene bar, promptly presented us with food and adult beverage menus.” The cocktail menu has a number of very interesting choices, but my buds of taste were salivating over the Garden in a Glass. My bride chose wisely, a slightly sweet Sunrise Sangria with Sauvignon Blanc, Square 1 Vodka, St. Germaine Elderflower liquor, rose water, cucumber, lime and rose buds.” His appetizer comments are with his photos.

Chef Nicola Karvelas brings his Greek recipes and New York experience to

Selene under the watchful eye of  Nick Skiadiotis. Nick was already a successful Manhattan restauranteur in 1986 when he stayed at the Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach for the first time. He has owned local restaurants ever since. That may account for the overwhelming local support we’ve witnessed for this seemingly new fine dining alternative in St. Pete Beach.

If you are a familiar face on the beach, it is unlikely you will not see someone you know at the bar or in the dining room.

Nick’s restaurants have always been the places to meet and to be seen. Where you could count on good food, n a clean setting, where they go out of there way to make sure you are completely satisfied. The menu prices may seem high by local standards but are very fair for the quality of food being offered. It ’s fresh fare, after all.

If you are in the mood for seafood, meat, or pasta or a recipe especially of Greek or Mediteranean origin you can order it with confidence at Selene. It will be

top quality and it will be delicious, guaranteed.  Your waiter will be able to suggest what is best on any particular night to satisfy the taste you are  hungering for. They are helpful like that at Selene. If you are lucky enough to get Philip or Brie you’ll likely join the crowd who rave about them on social media.

Renee and I have enjoyed happy hour,  dined there several times and were

completely pleased on each occasion. Happy hour, dinner and Sunday brunch for seven… Wonderful!

They also have specials every day.

• Monday is Industry night. Get 30% off your check with your pay stub.
• ‘Tini‘ Tuesday house Martinis  $5
• Wine Wednesdays half off bottles.
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Article by Peter A. Roos

Good ‘Burger Awards to Celebrate Best of St. Pete

good-burger-awardsThe St Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce® announces the nominees for the 4rd Annual Good ‘Burger awards. A Good ‘Burger is a business, organization, or individual in greater St. Pete making a positive impact in our community.

The 2016 Good ‘Burger Awards, presented by 3 Daughters Brewing and Great Bay Distributors will be held at Jannus Live on Thursday, September 1st from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. The name “Good ‘Burger” historically comes from the citizens of St. Pete having been known as “burgers” (as in St. Petersburgers).

Nominees have been selected in the following categories and voted on by community members:

• Eats & Treats
• Arts & Culture
• Hot Spots & Hangouts
• Community Conscious
• Makers & Creators
• MVB – Most Valuable ‘Burger

New this year – The Chamber and the Good ‘Burger Committee decided to take a closer look at what makes a “Cool Company” in St. Pete. For the first time ever, the applicants in the “Cool Companies” categories will be judged by a selection committee based on their unique answers to the application questions. Applicants will be considered in one of two categories; Cool Companies: Small (1 – 50 employees) or Cool Companies: Large (50+ employees). Finalists in the Cool Company categories will be announce in early August.

Early Bird Tickets for the 4th Annual Good ‘Burger Awards are available for only $10 through August 19th. Tickets can be purchase at stpete.com/GoodBurger.

Sponsorships are still available at a variety of levels. To secure your sponsorship or for event information, please contact Natalie Fisher at nfisher@stpete.com.

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce® announces the 2016 Good ‘Burger Nominees:

Arts & Culture:

• American Stage Theatre Company
• Chihuly Collection (Morean Arts Center)
• Cinema Squatch
• The Dali Museum
• Duncan McClellan Gallery
• The Florida Holocaust Museum
• Great Explorations Children’s Museum
• Mahaffey Theater
• Mural Tour (Florida CraftArt)
• The Palladium at St. Petersburg College
• St. Petersburg Arts Alliance
• St. Petersburg Museum of History

Community Conscious:

• ALPHA House of Pinellas County, Inc.
• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay
• The Body Electric Yoga Company
• Community Action Stop Abuse (CASA)
• Keep Saint Petersburg Local
• The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
• Metro Wellness Center
• Northeast Exchange Club
• St. Pete Pride
• Suncoast Center, Inc.
• YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

Eats & Treats:

• 400 Beach Seafood & Tap House
• Chief’s Creole Café
• Ciccio Cali St. Pete
• The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge
• Hawkers St. Pete
• The Hollander Hotel/Tap Room
• Noble Crust
• Rococo Steak
• Souzou Asian Fusion Restaurant
• theAvenue eat/drink
• Urban Brew and BBQ

Hot Spots & Hangouts:

• The Canopy at The Birchwood
• Green Bench Brewing Co.
• Hofbrauhaus St. Petersburg
• Jannus Live
• Marchand’s Bar & Grill (The Vinoy Renaissance)
• The Mandarin Hide
• NOVA 535 Unique Event Space
• Ruth’s Chris Steak House
• St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market
• St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club
• Station House St. Pete
• Vertical Ventures

Most Valuable ‘Burger

• Barbara Voglewede– Executive Director, EDGE Business District Association
• Bill Edwards – Owner, The Edwards Group
• Donald Eastman – President, Eckerd College
• Greg Holden – 2016 Chair, St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce
• John Collins – Executive Director, St. Petersburg Arts Alliance
• Kanika Tomalin – Deputy Mayor, City of St. Petersburg
• Olga Bof – Executive Director, Keep St. Petersburg Local
• Rick Baker – President, The Edwards Group
• Rick Kriseman – Mayor, City of St. Petersburg
• Ryan Tarrant – Owner, Cinema Squatch

Makers & Creators

• CONCEPTBAIT Global Events + Floral Design Group
• Creative Clay
• FreeFab 3D
• Harvard Jolly Architecture
• Kozuba & Sons Craft Distillery
• Spathose
• Squeeze Juice Works
• St. Petersburg Distillery Company
• Strands of Sunshine
• Tangible Labs
• Valerie Bogle Photography
• Wannemacher Jensen Architects

Online voting officially opened Monday, July 18th and ends Friday, August 12th. To cast your vote, visit stpete.com/GoodBurger.

About the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce®

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce®, originally founded in 1899, now serves over 1,100 member businesses and organizations. Continually identifying ways to create and enhance opportunities to do business in St. Petersburg, the Chamber works to improve the local economic climate and to build a thriving business environment. The Chamber represents perspectives of local business in St. Petersburg, providing and fostering leadership on important business and community issues. Information is available at stpete.com.