June & July 2017 Astrology by Sarah Lyons


Fiery Mars visits emotional Cancer on the 4th for the next six weeks; and can bring moodiness and emotional frustrations to the surface! Also over indulgence will be tempting as feelings sway our judgment.

Love planet Venus enjoys stability in faithful Taurus beginning the 6th and lasting all month!  Relationships feel secure and we appreciate the finer things in life.

Communication gets logical, we think fast and enjoy learning when Mercury goes home to Gemini on the 6th until the 20th!  A Full Rose Moon on the 8th in Sagittarius illuminates areas of confusion; to see truth and give clarity with innovative visions.

The Summer Solstice occurs on the 21st as the Sun enters Cancer starting the summer season.  Family time is fulfilling and the home becomes the hub of our universe!  On the same day Mercury joins the Sun and thinking becomes more intuitive as we are sensitive to our surroundings.  The New Moon in Cancer begins the lunar cycle on the 23rd with the Sun and Mercury’s influences, which creates an active and changeable energy that can truly be creative and transforming!


Variety is the spice of life now as Venus visits Gemini on the 4th, our country’s 241st birthday, and stays there all month! Living in the moment and tasting what life has to offer is what keeps us happy!  Thinking with our heart for the next three weeks starts on the 5th as Mercury transits loving, generous Leo.  A few days later on the 9th, a Full Thunder Moon lights up the sky in serious Capricorn; sign of ambition, responsibility and position.

Difficult aspects will surely bring out situations or power plays in unexpected ways both personally and on a global level.  Watch for political upsets and personal challenges but realize that you are the one in control of your own world; where your actions can make this time  easier or more difficult.  Mars, planet of desire, energizes romantic Leo on the 20th directing our attention to fun loving, creative activities.

And the New Moon in Leo on the 23rd begins a very powerful lunar cycle that will be perfect to begin most anything that your heart desires!  Power to follow through, creative and new found opportunities with lasting yet adaptable outcomes is yours for the making now!

This is one of the best lunar cycles this year to make the most of going for what you want now!  Mercury ends the month by moving into analytical Virgo on the 25th.  Thinking gets cool, logical; and practical application to our plans can be an asset for growth.


June: Private time enjoyed.  Partner needs reassurance and fun.  New cycle in finances assist as spending is needed. New values explored.

July:  You are greatly favored; enjoy recreation, romance.  Resources need attention.  New communication can greatly improve many areas of your life.


June:  Make the most of social activities.  Focus falls on work, duties and health.  Late you are energized and ready for new directions!

July:  Private time is blissful. Relationships take the spotlight; solve issues and find balance.  New options in finances can take you in many directions.


June:  Status is enhanced!  Romance and fun take center stage!  You are busy behind the scenes with new plans and taking quiet time.

July:  Social invitations keep you busy!  Empowerment comes at work and in health matters.  You are in the driver’s seat of your dreams; create them!


June:  Spotlight falls on home and family areas; needs of partner.  A new look at future plans as beliefs are continually modified. Awakening.

July:  Career, status enhanced.  Highlight on children, creativity and love.  Explore inner world; dream a new direction and watch it grow into reality!


June:  Resources enhanced. Daily life can overwhelm; slow down.  New direction in career, status with you in charge! Create and transform!

July:  Enjoy travel. Focus falls on home projects; family concerns.  New energy fills social calendar.  Future plans get a new start. Dream big!


June: Others are agreeable. Finances take the spotlight; spend wisely. Travel and learning can take you to new places; open your mind.

July: Resources improve!  Conversations are profound; daily life intense.  Career can take off to new places; others assist you. Speak your truth!


June:  Work place is pleasant. Converse with partner; you are in the spotlight.  Financial area has a new cycle of action; plan ahead.

July: Relationships are pleasurable.  Income and resource area need an overhaul. Travel is likely. Legal matters lucky.  Learning is an adventure!


June: Enjoy love and fun times! Dreams, meditation reveals new direction for future. Relationships are infused with new life; beginnings.

July: You are in the spotlight and in charge as others present challenges. Job goes well.  A new cycle with resources; finances looks very beneficial.


June:  Home and family time is pleasant.  Friends and future plans are highlighted.  A new wellness plan is likely.  Work has new duties.

July:  Enjoy children and hobbies.  Address health issues that surface now. Relationships start a new chapter; direction, with many mutual benefits!


June:  Enjoy siblings; chats.  Career is in the spotlight; uncertain but profitable. Recreation and romance get new attention. Home life busy.

July:  Pleasant home life and family time now. Social time and friendships; intense.  A new wellness plan will do wonders! Work gets a new direction.


June:  Take a trip with your partner somewhere different whether near or far!  Income is enhanced.  Energy renewed with home and family!

July:  Career and status takes spotlight, balance with personal freedom and family needs.  Pleasant conversations. Start a new hobby; have fun!


June:  Your popularity shines socially.  Money and resources get attention. New thinking, conversations open options in all areas of your life.

July:  Revelations in beliefs; education, legal areas challenged.  Travel with caution.  Income and work; good.  Home and family bring much enjoyment!

Sarah Lyons has been providing astrological information for a lifetime; and a former president of the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, one of the oldest groups in the United States. Available for private sessions, personal and business forecasting, lectures, parties, classes and more.

May 2017 Astrology  

We start this beautiful month of spring with Mercury stationing direct on the   3rd in action sign Aries!  We are more than anxious to get moving forward; and with the aspects to other planets, watch for sudden and unexpected turns of events with lasting effects!

We won’t have another Mercury RX until August; leaving us wide open to plan and work toward our goals!  A Full Flower Moon illuminates private Scorpio on the 10th; revealing our true values and allowing us to make adjustments wherever letting go is needed.

Love planet Venus and passion planet Mars dance happily along with each other all month.  This pair brings easy expression of love and compatibility for couples. The arts and fun loving adventures bring harmony filled days!

Mercury slows down in steadfast Taurus on the 16th when decisions are made cautiously and constructively; but creatively.  This is a great time for examining business matters or management procedures in all areas of life.

The expressive Sun visits playful Gemini on the 20th bringing restlessness, and a thirst for variety.  Go ahead and spice up your life by trying something new and socializing more.  Experiment with new hobbies and enjoy the moment.

A New Moon in Gemini on the 25th begins the next lunar cycle with an emphasis on communication, learning and short trips.  Explore and travel you’re your partner.  Business or personal relationships can benefit from open discussions and a new approach.  Watch idealism; stay realistic.

TAURUS:  Your personal new year begins now and you get moving on future plans fast!  Partnerships take the spotlight both personal and biz.  New cycle begins in income; work expands.  Private time is pleasurable.

GEMINI:  You are popular with friends and at social events.  Work and health issues surface; require changes.  New energy excites and motivates you; gives direction.  You feel lucky and creative but sometimes unsure.

CANCER:  Favor in career; ask for what you want.  Creative outlets are the focus; romance and hobbies highlighted.  Children may need attention. You are busy behind the scenes with new plans. Enjoy family trips and outings.

LEO:  Travel is pleasant and may include work.  Home projects and family matters take the spotlight.  New energy activates social life and short trips.  Enjoy visits with siblings.  Future plans have direction; bring lasting results.

VIRGO:  Increase in resources or income.  Focus falls on communication and travel; daily business.  Later; new options in career can take off quickly with added financial gain. Partners may be unavailable or uncertain now.

LIBRA:  Partners are cooperative; pleasing.  Values and financial matters come to the surface.  A new way of thinking; beliefs begin that expand your world.  Travel is highlighted.  Health continues to improve; pace yourself.

SCORPIO:  Workplace is pleasant and active.  Health conditions resolved.  Full moon spotlight shines on you; express yourself. Open up to partner and associates.  New cycle begins in finances connected to work that last.

SAGITTARIUS:  Fun is on your schedule!  Enjoy hobbies, romance and time with kids!  Focus falls on private matters.  Take a mental health day.  New direction in partnerships; personal or biz.  Social scene stays active.

CAPRICORN:  Home and family get needed attention; bring enjoyment. Friends are your focus.  Goals and dreams get attention.  New energy for work; career enhanced.  A wellness plan will bring benefits; give results.

AQUARIUS:  Conversations; short trips and siblings bring happiness.  Career and status are center stage; balance with home life.  New cycle in romance and recreation includes travel near or far; watch the budget.

PISCES:  Increase in income is likely.  Talents are realized.  Education and travel highlighted; near or far.  New cycle in family and home life begins that reflect current values and unveil new aspects of yourself; liberating.

ARIES:  You are charming, popular and ready for adventure!  Financial matters are in the spotlight; use resources.  A new energy accents travel plans; restlessness.  Don’t let uncertainties discourage you; just plan well.

Astrology by Sarah Lyons.

Sirius Systems astrological Services; www.sarahlyonsastrologer.com

Sarah Lyons has been providing astrological information for a lifetime; and a former president of the Astrology Assoc. of St. Petersburg, one of the oldest groups in the United States.  Available for private sessions, personal and business forecasting, lectures, parties, classes and more.

Astrology April 2017

Spring is here with an action packed planetary lineup to start the season! The lunar cycle will peak with a Full Pink Moon in relationship sign Libra on the 11th. This full moon celebrates the abundance of flowers that comes with spring! You can be sure that a few surprises will be revealed or illuminated at this time. Venus retrograde until the 15th will also help us to go back and mend fall outs or let go of things and make peace with others now. This is true in all types of relationships. Venus gets help from communication planet Mercury as our little friend stations retrograde on April 9! Now is the time for all kinds of unfinished business to get your attention before you start anything new at all. Mercury in Taurus will especially focus on money matters for about a week (just in time for taxes) then move on to action oriented Aries giving us energy to RE- just about anything! Keep on releasing, reviewing, reconnecting and reworking so you will be ready to really spring forward next month!

The Sun enters practical, determined Taurus on April 19th grounding us and giving us the persistence to reach our goals; but allowing us to indulge a bit along the way! Two days later on the 21st, fiery Mars charges into Gemini leading us in as many directions as we want to go! A quick wit and restlessness for excitement keeps us motivated and active. This leads up to the next lunar cycle on the 26th when the New Moon in Taurus centers us, bringing focus on material needs and possessions. This new cycle has creative, magical influences that ask us to use our imagination and make the most of what we already have or can repurpose. Also, a strong need for some down time either alone or with those whose company we enjoy, will mean a lot to our peace of mind. Love and money planet Venus visits impulsive Aries on the 28th. A cheerful and positive outlook brings a more outgoing, social vibe; but, overwhelming others or being too aggressive will spoil the moment. 

ARIES: Relationships get attention as you reconnect and resolve unexpected issues. Take some time to relax on your own; rethink your position in life. New ways to earn are your focus later; discern priorities, get creative. Your charm and wit will go far now!

TAURUS: Workplace and wellness take the spotlight; as concerns surface, resolve and release where needed. Review you needs vs. wants. Reconnect to friends. The new lunar cycle puts the focus on you, your dreams, and how you can best achieve them.

GEMINI: Mend relationships with superiors; enhance status. Fun, creativity and dating are where the action is for you and a few surprises, too! Reconnect to friends. A new direction comes from inner exploration. Later, express yourself, take charge, move on. 

CANCER: Get away for some R&R if at all possible. Home projects and family issues get your full attention; with a demanding work schedule needing balance. Reconnect and review future plans. New energy fills social life; but you steal away when you can.

LEO: A financial blessing or resolution of issues is likely. Inner healing reflects in improved health. Travel and conversations are enlightening and liberating! Career, status, get reviewed; reworked in new direction. Socialize and dream of future plans. 

VIRGO: Healing relationships and attending to family duties come now. Then, your financial picture takes the spotlight as you review resources; reexamine values. Travel and education are areas of new interest. You will work hard to be promoted; rise up.

LIBRA: Health should start to improve as old habits are corrected. A strong focus on relationships puts you on center stage. Reconnect, resolve and get reacquainted! Your financial picture gets new life as you get creative; work to retain, replenish resources.

SCORPIO: Get back to love, romance, hobbies and fun that you have missed! Partners are open to discussions. Private affairs may come to light. Taking time for mental and physical health; break old habits. New energy in relationships bring pleasant results.

SAGITTARIUS: Spending time with family and home life is gratifying. Leave work early to enjoy kids and creative time. Friends, social events become your focus mid month. Later new wellness plans and workplace changes begin that may increase income.

CAPRICORN: Conversations are healing; a short trip pleasant. Career calls for your attention but home and family needs bring balance. A new energy puts love and fun time back on your calendar. Your month ends with work duties and home projects.

AQUARIUS: Make peace with others and finances, too! What do you value now? Your beliefs and general outlook on life comes to the forefront to be examined. Let go of old ways that no longer serve you. Talk things over. Home and family take on a new light.

PISCES: Pamper yourself; take me time now. Review spending mid month with focus on finances, resources; yours and others. Your intuition is strong; emotions intense. A new theme begins with communication, siblings. Short trips and daily life keep you busy.

Astrology March 2017

Relationship planet Venus stations Retrograde in impulsive Aries on the 4th. It’s time to slow down, make peace in current relationships and curb impulsive spending. New love and purchases of art, jewelry and beauty related items won’t go as expected. Action planet Mars enters stable, conservative Taurus on the 9th; which will support more practical behavior.

The Full Crow Moon in industrious Virgo falls on the 12th bringing the lunar cycle to a peak. Named for when the cawing of the crows signal the end of winter; and duties switch to preparation for spring. Aspects will assist in the organization and elimination of the unnecessary over the next two weeks, so we may be able to begin with a fresh new start for the coming season.

Thinking planet Mercury visits quick, eager Aries on the 13th which is the very next day! This energy brings fast thinking and speaking with the ability to multitask. But we must watch out for getting scattered and how our words are delivered, too. On the 20th, the Vernal Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Aries, bringing us the first day of spring! And just as the new season officially begins, one week later on the 27th, the New Moon joins the Sun to start a dynamic lunar cycle of growth and progress. Whatever we begin or put into action now will see fast developments and lasting results. Mercury didn’t visit Aries long and now our little messenger is on to bring his delightful gifts to steady Taurus starting the 31st. Slower more determined, cautious and constructive thinking helps us follow through now.

ARIES: The spotlight on health and work duties shows need to prioritize duties; take a break. Mid month the focus turns to earnings. Later a new lunar cycle starts off your birthday year with big future plans; a fresh start!

TAURUS: Your focus on fun turns to care for children; romantic partner. Quiet time and meditation is revealing. You take action mid month and start a new path at month’s end, based on revelations from within self.

GEMINI: Home and family matters get attention as you balance career time and assist partner with. You stay busy behind the scenes and plan for fun later, with a full social calendar of activities that won’t ruin your budget!

CANCER: Conversations are revealing; choose words carefully and open up. Everyday short trips and connecting keep you busy. Energy goes intotime with friends. Later a new start with career requires a balance at home.

LEO: Finances are highlighted and spending required; be frugal. You take charge in career and status as new values are born; leaving behind the old. Learning and travel are on your schedule as the month comes to an end.

VIRGO: You are in the spotlight as you balance home, family responsibility and partnerships. Find adventure in learning or travel. Review spending and resources as a new financial plan goes into place later; avoid risks.

LIBRA: Focus is on health and wellness mental, emotional and physical. Take time from daily obligations for your own needs. Reconnect personal relationships on intimate levels; revealing is healing. Home projects, too!

SCORPIO: Friends, fun and social activities fill your schedule even on a tight budget. Partners are assertive; conversations intense. New energy in work and health areas brings swift changes and require some adjustments.

SAGITTARIUS: Career or position is highlighted as you consider new responsibilities and drive to move forward. Homefront is busy but tranquil. You find new ways to play, reconnect with children, romance and friends!

CAPRICORN: Travel may come with obligations and exploration of your beliefs on current situations. Recreation relieves tension. Home is a hub of activity as you reconnect to family to transform and create new plans.

AQUARIUS: Finances and resources are highlighted with practical needs coming up. Energy is directed to home projects and family members. Short trips and pleasant conversations can open new doors; bring breakthroughs.

PISCES: Focus falls on relationships; both personal and business, as you balance responsibilities. Multi-tasking also keeps you busy daily. Later a new look at income and revision of finances keeps in step with new values.

Astrology by Sarah Lyons

Sarah Lyons has been providing astrological information for a lifetime; and a former president of  the Astrology Association of St. Petersburg, one of the oldest groups in the United States.

Available for private sessions, personal and business forecasting, lectures, parties, classes and more.  www.sarahlyonsastrologer.com

Astrology: February 2017

Love planet Venus visits impulsive, outgoing Aries on the 3rd where she will stay all month bringing restlessness in relationships and hasty decisions.  Work toward more understanding and balance enthusiasm.  Mercury is back on track again moving into observant, intuitive Aquarius on the 7th; assisting the powerful Sun as new ideas and independent thinking may bring unusual solutions to old issues.  The Full Snow Moon on the 10th is a Lunar Eclipse in creative, romantic Leo with a generous yet practical energy that can open doors and solidify actions to create lasting changes.  On Valentine’s Day a partner oriented Libra Moon brings a turning point in relationships!  This sign is all about love and with other planets stimulating action and growth, strong relationships will feel the urge to merge on this romantic day!      

On the 18th our vibrant Sun enters compassionate, artistic, dreamy Pisces.  We want to trust but must not fool ourselves as our perceived realities are not always as they seem.  There are difficult planetary patterns the last half of February.  Action planet Mars, at its strongest, challenges Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.  Whether personal, professional or on a global scale, we will see a significant amount of friction as transformations and sudden revelations take place.  However, a grounding Saturn will end things in a stable manner.    

When Mercury enters Pisces the 25th our intuition is keen and we become more reflective.  The 26th brings a Solar Eclipse in Pisces and a new lunar cycle, with focus on talents and spiritual inclinations for moving forward.    

AQUARIUS:  Accent falls on relationships both personal and professional.  Communication is the key; speak softly.  Short trips are favored.  Constant activity energizes!  New insight into values, talents and income potential!    

PISCES:  Work place changes; career status is worked for and income is enhanced!  Quiet time brings clear thinking.  New energy comes late month, with focus on health and well being.  Creative and relaxing time rejuvenates!       

ARIES:  Romantic relationships are in the spotlight with opportunity for growth.  Venus bestows popularity and creative abilities open doors for you.  Reflection, meditation can be healing and give insight for breakthroughs.    

TAURUS:  Home and family are your focus as old patterns are replaced with new.  Career keeps you busy.  Spend time alone to recharge.  Later your social calendar fills; volunteering and future dreams are on your mind.     

GEMINI:  Connecting with others, short trips, daily life can be stimulating!  Enjoy siblings, children, friends and romance!  Education is accented; career or status is likely to have a major shift or new direction as the month closes.    

CANCER:  Financial matters are in the spotlight as work and career can bring opportunities long awaited!  You are favored by superiors, gain support and resources from others!  A new philosophy; spiritual learning enlightens.   

LEO:  You are in the spotlight with personal and professional connections changing.  Health issues get attention.  Creative and academic interests are many.  Resources and finances begin a new cycle; be realistic and grateful. 

VIRGO:  Issues come to light that may affect health or work.  Family is supportive as changes take place.  Finances are enhanced.  A new direction for relationships is possible with a level of acceptance and understanding.

LIBRA:  Social life takes the spotlight with your company in high demand!  Others are agreeable and helpful.  Home projects get attention.  New energy fills the work place. New insight into health concerns comes with assistance.      

SCORPIO:  Career brings changes with income and work place benefits! Create stability, make adjustments and balance with home life.  Fun and fresh creative interests are enjoyed as well as children and romantic life.       

SAGITTARIUS:  Education, beliefs and travel are all highlighted with opportunities to alter your direction!  Recreation is enjoyable and social time fun!  Home life gets energized as you create a retreat for reflection; dreams!

CAPRICORN:  Resources and financial matters surface for examination and modification.  Career offers opportunities.  Redecorate home or spend time with family.  New thinking, direction in daily life goes toward serenity. 

Astrology by Sarah Lyons – Sirius Systems Astrological Services
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Astrology: Sarah Lyons’ 2017 Forecast

Happy New Year, Everyone!  2017 will be an exciting year for all of us!  The United States will welcome a new President, which will affect our country and our relations with the world.  The stars are aligned for truly innovative, transformative growth and change for our planet!  And, on a personal level we will see the effects as well!  Read on for your forecast!


Your sign will feel the most changes in areas of relationships and career especially in spring and late summer. Partnerships are mutually beneficial, whether professional or personal, but your need for independence continues.  Romance gets the spotlight spring and summer.  When love planet Venus enters your sign in February and stations retrograde there until May make peace and review values to stay on track.  June & November finances are enhanced.  Action planet Mars is with you February until mid March as you charge ahead; just be mindful of others as you do so!  Health looks good overall, but irritations and indulgence in the fall can cause issues.


Work, duties and health concerns get the most activity this year; as you learn new ways to make improvements in these areas.  March and April you will have energy to spare!  However, Mercury retrograde in your sign will shift your focus to things undone or needing review.  Spring and fall require attention to home and family matters.  Finances are addressed all year as you clear up money and resource concerns, while learning to manage and budget better.  Venus gives you popularity in June and increased wealth in July and November.  Social life focus and charity work is accented in February.  Partnerships bring blessings in October, lasting into the next year!


Relationships with children, lovers can heal and grow this year as transformations take place.  Friendships continue to change as old ways and habits are left behind.  Spring and summer accents learning and opening up your mind to new beliefs. Energizing Mars visits you late April into June, watch impulsive or scattering tendencies and you will accomplish much.  In July Venus gives you the charm to get your way!  Career path and status in general continues to be uncertain and without direction; but beginning in October, new opportunities come.  Health will also improve in the fall as long as you watch indulgences.  Watch your spending in June and July.


Home life and family are blessed this year and in the fall children benefit, creativity soars and love comes easily!  Partnerships both personal and professional continue to evolve as needs for freedom and individuality surface.  Travel or education may alter your beliefs and philosophy early in the year. Career area is energized until spring with changes likely then social life takes over.  June and July Mars will give you all the drive you need to succeed or break away on your own.  In August, Venus brings love and favors your way.  Financial modifications are a major theme all year. Stay on top of health issues & balance work place demands.


A focus on finances starts your year.  Celebrate your siblings, stay on the go and learn something new!  Health breakthroughs continue especially during the summer months.  Career boost in March while work continues to evolve.  Late July until mid September, powerful Mars energy takes you to the top!  Venus brings you pleasure late August thru September.  Hobbies are structured for success.  Children learn responsibilities and boundaries. February and August eclipses put the spotlight on you, vitality, wellness and expression.  The second August eclipse highlights relationships both biz and personal.  Fall brings abundance and optimism into your home and family.


Your year begins with endings as you finish releasing old issues.  Partners may not always be available but can be a source of inspiration.  An ongoing theme this year for you will be quiet time for reflection and taking care of your health on all levels; especially in February and August.  Career is your focus in the spring.  September and October you personally take charge directing and reorganizing on all levels.  As fall begins you get what you want as Venus visits your sign until mid October.  Then, energy goes into financial matters both earning and spending.  Family responsibilities continue all during the year.  Home projects or repairs may be needed too.


The year begins with you tackling work and health matters, finally getting the long needed assistance and breakthroughs for success!  All year long future plans and social life keep you busy!  Romance and recreation is highlighted during the summer months.  Children bring pleasure but family transformations continue; siblings need your support.  Home renovations go well and keep evolving.  You still have lucky Jupiter in your sign until October 10; bringing growth, abundance, optimism and travel your way!  Mid October lovely Venus enhances your life for three weeks and then late that month until mid December action planet Mars gets you motivated!


Fun has been on your schedule, but February to mid March work and health matters will take priority.  Early this year balancing career and recreation can be a challenge; by late summer home and family issues can also affect career decisions and status in general.  All year long constant focus on finances helps you feel like progress is being made.  Getting in touch with inner issues helps you prepare for the new cycle of growth that Jupiter brings in the fall.  The rest of this year brings new opportunities, abundance, optimism; with luck on your side!  Early November sweet Venus smiles on you, and then early December Mars gets you moving along fast!


Saturn will be keeping you on task all year as you tend to responsibilities, set boundaries and structure your life. Karmic debts are both paid and received.  Family members and home life are your focus as the year unfolds.  Travel and education will be highlighted late winter and summer.  Creative ideas and social contacts can greatly affect your earning potential up until the fall begins.  August brings restlessness; take a trip, reconnect to others.  September and October career plans are in high gear and you set yourself free from self imposed limits!  You are everybody’s favorite when Venus visits in December. And you can  celebrate Saturn’s leaving the 19th!


Home and family matters will be your focus during the first two months. Unexpected issues may arise and everyday life will be adjusted. Career  opportunities continue until fall; then social life expands.  In winter and mid summer financial matters are in the spotlight.  Endings are also a theme for you this year as you let go of old ways.  Health requires rest and discipline.  Taskmaster Saturn comes home to your sign on December 19th.  Karma, responsibilities,  structure and ambition are highlighted over the next two years.  Venus brings harmony to your sign on Christmas day and lends her charms and beauty to enhance and please, taking you into the next year!


Focus on finances starts your year; be practical with your decisions.  March and April bring action to the family and home front.  May is play time! Travel and education expand and enlighten until fall arrives; then career and  status will benefit with opportunities and growth!  The spotlights this year are on personal and professional relation-ships, especially in February and August.   Changes are likely as you meet new people and let go of those holding you back.  The summer months also require attention to health and wellness.  Friends may need your support this year.  Future plans become clearer.  December fills your social calendar!


Venus in your sign starts the year with harmony, beauty and love throughout January!  Mars energizes and motivates you to take charge on those resolutions!  An Eclipse in February finishes the last two year cycle of relationship focus, and brings the attention back to you.  Health and wellness will be a theme all year long, both physical and mental; especially in winter and late summer.  Take down time frequently; just rest.  Resources increase this year but watch spending and evaluate financial moves in February and March.  Career demands continue throughout the year; with changes in the workplace, or your job likely.  You end the year focused on future plans!

Astrology by Sarah Lyons – Sirius Systems Astrological Services
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Astrology – December 2016

 Earlier this week a New Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius got us off to a fast start!  Now on the 2nd communication and thinking planet Mercury enters ambitious but practical Capricorn; giving structure and good planning ability to all of that energy! 

On the 7th love planet Venus visits the humanitarian sign of Aquarius bringing the holiday spirit to a truly altruistic level.  This influence also aids tolerance and individualism.  Spending can be erratic and unpredictable as we are attracted to the unique and unusual. Give your loved ones plenty of freedom and do something out of the ordinary together!

Our lunar cycle peaks on the 13th with a Full Cold Moon in Gemini.  Matters rising to the surface bring with them inventive solutions from Uranus and all of the energy needed to take care of the situation from Mars with ease!

On the 19th action planet Mars visits sensitive, spiritual Pisces.  A blending with Neptune’s energy gives support and sympathy to those in need and a desire to aid the underprivileged.  Giving selflessly and supporting charities should come easily to us now on a personal and global level. 

Also, on the 19th, Mercury will station REtrograde.  A perfect time to RE!  RE-lease items you don’t want for others that need them!  Have a family RE-union! Take time off to RE-lax! RE-juvinate yourself and your RE-lationships!  On the 21st the Winter Solstice occurs as the Sun enters Capricorn, starting a new season and signaling time for many types of celebrations! 

Then on the 29th a New Moon in Capricorn begins the lunar cycle with creative and transformational influences to send us into the New Year! 

SAGITTARIUS:  Partners take the spotlight; converse and enjoy fun times!  Short trips and conversations are enjoyable.  Indulge family ideals this year. A revised conservative financial plan gets underway as values are modified. 

CAPRICORN:  Focus falls on work while making and spending cash! Health matters may surface; take time off, relax.  You are ready to take charge as the year closes while revising your plans, direction and ambitions.

AQUARIUS:  Spotlight falls on fun, love and children as you engage in holiday festivities.  You are easy to be with and charitable.  Transformation occurs with awareness of hidden strength and weaknesses; reflect, resolve.

PISCES:  New career attention gives way as home and family take center stage.  You are energized mid month and take charge!  Steal some quite time away to relax.  A change in friends, goals and future plans is empowering!

ARIES:  You have been on the go constantly and daily.  Social time with friends and work are keeping you busy, too.  Conversations can solve much.  A new empowering direction in career or status begins with the New Year.

TAURUS:  Financial matters will be your focus as career direction may be the answer.  You are favored at work with superiors.  Education can be life changing as you follow your dreams and satisfy security needs; ambitions.

GEMINI:  You are in the full moon spotlight with accent on relationships.  Travel is pleasant and adds adventure.  Finances get a new makeover as you look ahead, leaving old patterns behind.  Career options may be the answer. 

CANCER:  Hidden issues come to light as you consider necessary changes.  Finances are enhanced; travel, stimulating.  Transformation, new direction with personal and business partners is likely as the New Year begins.

LEO:  Partners are agreeable as you work together toward future goals.  Friends and holiday festivities fill your calendar.  Energy goes into finances.  New transformation with health and work bring success and needed support.

VIRGO:  Home and family activity has shifted to career and work demands, where you are favored now.  Partner’s needs and desires are met. New Year brings new changes in areas of love, romance children and hobbies.  Enjoy! 

LIBRA:  Travel is likely; with fun and romance in the mix!  Health and work matters take your energy starting mid month.  Home life and family situations can transform and get off to a new start during the holidays! 

SCORPIO:  Financial matters take the spotlight; options at work and family cooperation assist plans.  Home life is pleasant.  Focus is on fun after mid month.  Old issues are resolved resulting in new beginnings; talk it over!  

by Sarah Lyons – Sirius Systems Astrological Services

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Happy New Year to all!

Astrology: April 2016

ariesLove and beauty planet Venus visits impulsive, courageous Aries on the 5th creating a need for instant gratification as we want what we want with little to no waiting! Watch out for “leaping before you look” with purchases and romantic attractions during April. A little adventure doesn’t hurt once in a while though, and with Mercury changing signs the same day visiting level headed, conservative Taurus, we might just be able to figure out how to get the best of a sudden opportunity!

The New Moon in Aries on the 7th can bring some lovely and unexpected beginnings. Spring has definitely sprung and we are off to a quick start in this lunar cycle of original and dynamic energy.

We break into new territories with grace and fortitude; feeling propelled forward yet a bit unclear of the final outcomes. Why? Well action planet Mars has slowed down and will be Retrograde on the 17th and in difficult aspect to Neptune. This vibration is better for introspection and meditation; the next 10 weeks of internalized energy can be frustrating so plan carefully.

The Sun leaves action sign Aries on the 19th and enters patient, dependable Taurus so we can slow down, use caution and determination to get where we want to go. Music and art are inspiring to us as well as a good financial plan. Quality rules over quantity now. A beautiful Full Pink Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd, named so for the bright pink blooms of phlox and moss in the spring, will be shining bright in our sign of resources. Now is a good time to start looking around at what we already have to work with as very soon, Mercury will Retrograde on the 28th in Taurus.

This activity focused on the financial signs is signaling a time to reflect and review our current state of affairs. Reuse or release items no longer needed. Finish projects or let them go. Clear out all of the old. On the 29th when Venus enters Taurus, our values become clear. We wait for what we want, indulge in our desires and surround ourselves with what means the most to us. The energy around us this month will definitely reflect the renewal process of spring!

ARIES: Your new year has begun with exciting and surprising possibilities! Things are going your way as you work on leaving your comfort zone for new adventures. Finances are the focus and resources come easily. Review your old beliefs; change to current values.

TAURUS: It’s a great time for introspection and releasing old limiting thinking. Enjoy seeing the new plans unfold. Communication is key this month and you stay busy daily. Later your partner takes the spotlight; enjoy social activities and recreate the romance!

GEMINI: Your social calendar is full and exciting! Enjoy your popularity all month! Resolve conflicts with partner; others. Work place gets your full attention with career options. Health matters may surface but can easily be resolved. Stress less; relax more.

CANCER: New career opportunities come unexpectedly; job may change with more responsibilities. Superiors are supportive. Revamp your exercise routine; wellness plan. Enjoy romantic time and travel near or far. Children and creative outlets bring pleasure.

LEO: Legal matters, travel and education all become energized and take new direction now in your favor! Create and present a new you. Career is active, varied and public. Home projects and family matters take the spotlight; values bring changes; resolutions.

VIRGO: Finances undergo changes; good to start a new plan, you have support. Let go of any outdated patterns that no longer serve you. Resolve inner conflicts and frustration. Communication is enlightening and revealing. Others easily accept your feelings; ideas.

LIBRA: New beginnings in partnerships are sudden and favored! You are popular with the public. You have success with legal matters, constant activity with resources; support from others. Financial affairs take spotlight linked to work, health; divine intervention.

SCORPIO: Pleasant and unexpected options with work bring excitement! It is a great time for a new wellness plan! Discuss ideas with partners or spouse. The spotlight is on you this month; as creative expression and social obligations keep you busy. Be frugal.

SAGITTARIUS: Clear your calendar for fun and romantic surprises! Creative energy is fresh and new. Work also keeps you busy and physical activity will relieve the stress. Later on take some time for reflection, solitude, meditation and explore your inner world.

CAPRICORN: Start those home projects and enjoy pleasant family relations with a few surprises coming your way. Creative ideas are born from inner frustrations. Friends and social invitations keep you on the go both near and far. Future plans are on your mind.

AQUARIUS: New and sudden activity in every day life keeps you on your toes and on the road. Pleasant chats and exchange of ideas are stimulating. Spend time with siblings. Your status, career goals get support; financial help; your level of success is up to you.

PISCES: Financial matters take a new path; you can be lucky, others may assist. Your mind is restless and you stay active. Travel if you can to expand your education; reveal beliefs, understanding. Legal issues may surface. Career feels stalled; evaluate, repair.

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Astrology March 2016

sarah-lyonsMarch is packed with celestial activity and promises to be an exciting month!  Communication planet Mercury enters intuitive Pisces on the 5th and fiery Mars enters optimistic Sagittarius just a few hours later. This could make for some unrealistic thinking and impulsive action for the next few days.  Make sure you are ok with the lasting affects of any decisions made.  Defensive driving is a good idea, too. The New Moon in Pisces on the 8th is a Solar Eclipse!  This new lunar cycle is packed with creative energy anddiscipline, offering opportunities that can transform our lives. Assistance from others both personally and professionally is possible as well.  Love planet Venus visits idealistic Pisces on the 12th bringing compassion and sacrifice in relationships. Rose colored glasses can affect our judgment in any area of emotional attachment such as love, money, dreams and desires.     

The Vernal Equinox occurs on the 20th when the Sun enters Aries starting the first day of Spring!  The first month of every season brings dynamic energy for change and spring is filled with new beginnings in nature and in our own lives!  The very next day, versatile Mercury follows the Sun into this vibrant sign scattering our thoughts but adding to the energy of doing new things and taking initiative.  Much can be accomplished now as energy and order come easily. 

The Full Crow Moon on the 23rd is a Lunar Eclipse in relationship sign Libra.  Whatever comes to light in your life with this eclipse will want to be talked over, with deliberate action taken to transform and ultimately release the circumstance.  Taskmaster Saturn will retrograde on the 25th bringing awareness of self-limitations; and with the combination of other planetary influences supports educating ourselves, releasing them.

PISCES: Your own personal new year begins now; heal and grow.  Others may assist with career moves and you are favored after the 12th.  The full moon is lighting your financial area with much activity; many possibilities.

ARIES:  New awareness of your forgotten dreams has you taking time away from it all to reflect; gain insight.  Full moon spotlight falls on partnerships with opportunities to work together for lasting results.  You take the lead.         

TAURUS:  Social invitations with friends and professional groups offer new creative outlets.  Work place has the full moon focus.  Take control of health issues; break patterns that hold you back. Resources are reviewed.    

GEMINI:  New starts in career are likely as you are favored by superiors.  Partners take on more duties; home life finds balance.  Full moon shines on love, creativity and hobbies.  Spend time with children or just having fun!  

CANCER:  New start in education or learning program is likely; possibly related to work.  It is a great time to travel near or far.  The full moon takes you home for projects and family time; balance with constant career activity.  

LEO:  Financial matters begin new cycle; be creative and a favorable result is likely.  Dissolve old patterns with ease.  Every day life is on center stage, creative learning, communication and short trips. Legal matters move along.   

VIRGO:  A new cycle begins in partnerships; both business and personal.  Others are cooperative but sensible. Home and family duties get attention.  The full moon brings awareness to values, income and spending patterns.    

LIBRA:  Health issues are assessed and new direction taken that transforms with favorable results.  Work is satisfying.  The full moon spotlight falls on you; express yourself, take charge of your direction and connect with others.   

SCORPIO:  A new cycle of creativity and fun begin this month!  Romance is favored; children enjoyed. An introspective full moon illuminates your private world. Worry affects health, work; good habits prevent problems.          

SAGITTARIUS:  Home and family life enter a new cycle with you taking charge.  Enjoy the pleasant times with relatives.  Full moon shines on social life, professional groups and future plans. Fun and love life need time too!     

CAPRICORN:  New energy focuses on travel near and far; communication.  Income is enhanced.  Connections with others are pleasurable.Career takes the full moon spotlight as you balance obligations, personal needs and time.     

AQUARIUS:  A new plan for income includes structure; income increase is likely.  Values change; you let goof things no longer needed. The full moon peaks with travel and education interests.  Explore your beliefs; open mind.